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You might be considering a kitchen remodel because your family's needs have changed and you've been thinking about better ways to utilize the space.  Maybe your taste and style has changed and that kitchen hasn't; it's starting to feel outdated or it’s just plain ugly (we aren’t here to judge). Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun project and an opportunity to create a space that you love.

A kitchen remodel is no simple project, but the reward is well worth it. Instead of giving you the common checklist of items to go through – budget, house value, gadgets, design style- we wanted to give you a (not so common) checklist of things you may not be thinking about that make a difference in your kitchen renovation, and some important questions to keep in mind during your planning.
  1. 1. How many people use the kitchen? The needs of a family with children will inevitably be different than an empty-nester. Thoughtful decisions about where to place island seating, how high(or low) the microwave should be, or if there will be a prep sink are essential.

  2. 2. How often do you cook or entertain? A serious entertainer or at-home chef may want wall ovens, beverage refrigerators, a prep sink or even additional room for appliances; a layout will need to accommodate these extras while maintaining a clean, uncluttered counter space.
  3. open kitchen concept
  4. 3. Consider all types of lighting.  It’s easy to overlook lighting in a kitchen remodel, often being considered a given. However, there are 3 types of lighting in a kitchen: general overhead lighting, task lighting and ambient lighting. Pendant lights are great for illuminating prep areas and can add a decorative elements while under-cabinet, over-cabinet or lighting along the toe kick of your cabinetry show off and accent some of the design elements you love the most.
  6. 4. Hidden outlets make for flawless kitchens. Most kitchen gadgets require power along with our smartphones to read your favorite recipe while you’re in the kitchen. Consider ways to hide outlets within the island, backsplash or in a drawer; pop up options or under-cabinet power strips can be installed to keep outlets out of sight. Get rid of an electrical eyesore by converting a drawer or cabinet into a charging station with outlets that are hidden at the drawer or cabinet back.
  7. Outlets_314 W Oak-07 copy
  8. 5. Don't overlook the trash! Trash is not something you want as your focal point of your newly remodeled kitchen. If cabinetry space allows, having a cabinet dedicated to trash and recycling pull-outs is ideal for keeping unsightly garbage tucked away. When a cabinet is not available, you’ll want to carefully consider a dedicated placement within your kitchen. Having an open wastebasket in the center of the kitchen is not a part of any kitchen you’ve dreamt about.
  10. 6. Choose your flooring wisely.  Kitchen floors needs to withstand foot traffic, maintain durability, have ease of maintenance and satisfy look and style. Porcelain tiles have the advantage or durability, versatility and affordability. Natural surfaces add character to a space but tend to scratch with ease. Hardwood floors are timeless and soft on the foot and typically create a seamless connection to other living spaces
  12. 7. Look at current trends with discerning eye.  Remodeling a kitchen is a big commitment and you want to make sure you can live with it for years before repeating the process. Also, be weary of trends that may be a handful when it comes to maintenance. For example, if you’ve been scouring Pinterest you’ve seen the hype of incorporating open shelves into your kitchen design. While it is gorgeous when perfectly staged, open shelves can be difficult to keep clean and organized. Consider the kitchen trends wisely and in moderation.
  13. Open shelves, floating shelves in kitchen
  15. For more inspiration, visit our Houzz page. If you’re ready to start planning your remodeling project, fill out the form below and one of our consultants will reach out to set up your free consultation.  


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