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With many of us being around the house for the last few weeks, stages of cleaning and reorganizing have happened leaving many not knowing what to do with all this stuff that's been accumulated.  We've put together some ideas on how to best store items to keep it clean, organized, and easily accessible.

Under Sink Drawers!  Often you'll find the space underneath a sink vacant, but we've found creative ways to make this space usable.  With the installation of these custom drawers, you're able to utilize the space directly under your sink, making it functional and useful.  

Vanity Storage

Hidden Pantry Storage! By building in storage units that house pantry items or spices, you can turn small, empty spaces into hidden storage for kitchen items.  Adding a drawer track or wheels to the pantry storage units makes it for easy access to your items while cooking.     

Over-sized Niche Storage! An easy way to store your shower toiletries; over-sized storage niches are a great way to have a set space for you shower needs while also tying in a design detail to your bathroom.  

Toe Kick Drawers! Rather than leave the space under cabinet drawers empty, we've installed toe kick drawers to utilize that space as extra storage.  Perfect for cutting boards, baking sheets, and other kitchen items, these are a hidden storage option for your kitchen. 

Toe Kick

Custom Cabinets! Utilize every space of your closet with drawers, custom cabinets, bins, and shelves.  By layering these in your closet, you'll have much more space for your items while keeping them organized and easily accessible.  

Hidden Appliance! Storage for larger appliances is tough, but with cabinets dedicated specifically for your appliances, everything will have a place and will be easy to find. Planning these out in your kitchen cabinets allows for enough space to be dedicated to your appliances and allows for electrical outlets to be placed in the same cabinet making it easy to use and store.  

Hidden Appliances

Storage Islands! Turn your kitchen island into a big storage area.  With custom cabinets built into the base of the island and the addition of a dry vegetable storage drawer for your onions, potatoes, and other produce, your kitchen island can become a design piece statement.

potato storage

Under Stairs Storage! Turn the space under your stairs into a mini storage closet.  Use the space for storing luggage, workout equipment, kids' toys, anything you would want quick access to inside the house but out of sight. 


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