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on June 01, 2020 Blog Interiors Lighting renovations design style investment remodeling

Six Reasons Your Remodel is Worth the Investment

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Home remodeling is an investment, not only in money, but in time and emotions as well. At CD&C, we’ve developed virtual workshops to better prepare homeowners for the remodeling process.  We talk about the roller-coaster of emotions that is experienced and the importance of knowing what to expect when taking on a project.

We want clients to be as informed about the emotional and time investment as they are about the financial investment. Here are six reasons why your project might be worth these investments.

  1. 1. You’re looking to improve the functionality of your home.  Maybe it’s an outdated kitchen layout that no longer suits your needs, or maybe it's a bathroom layout that just doesn’t make sense; remodeling to improve the functionality of your home is a great reason to take on a project.  Rearranging a floor plan can dramatically improve a space and how it is used.  For example, cooking can already be a daunting task, but cooking in a kitchen where the layout allows ease in accessing everything you need makes for more pleasant experience.  The best type of project is one that improves the way you live. 
  3. Functional Kitchen Layout
  1. 2. The space you have now doesn’t work for your lifestyle. With the onset of Covid-19, we’ve all become more familiar with our homes than we ever thought we would.  Creating an organized, comfortable space has become the new focus on luxury.  It’s important that while at home, you have the feeling of peace that allows you to  escape from the everyday grind. Maybe you’re lacking a space for the family to gather, or your bedroom is not the sanctuary you imagined. If you’re thinking about remodeling to bring more comfort to your space, then your project is worth exploring. 
  3. 3. Your lifestyle is changing or your planning for the future. Is your family growing, are the in-laws moving in, or have you decided you want your current home to be your forever home?  These are all good reasons to consider remodeling.  Adding square footage or re-configuring your current layout is a good investment that will provide a functional and comfortable living experience for all household members.  If you’ve decided that your home is where you want to age gracefully for the remainder of your years, there are many design solutions that will allow you to age (or thrive as we like to say) in place. Planning ahead for the future and determining how your home can serve you best is one of our specialties.

Playroom for kids

  1. 4. Immediate ROI doesn’t matter to you. We’ve all heard of house flippers, but if making a quick bang for your buck is your reason to remodel, you may be taking on a project that is not worth your time, effort or money.  Remodeling your home should be something that benefits you emotionally, especially in the South Bay area.  Your financial return on investment in Southern California is a longer process and will pay off eventually, but you won’t see a 100% ROI on a kitchen remodel immediately.  If your only reason to remodel your space is to make some quick cash, taking on a big project may not be the right step. 
  3. 5. You love your neighbors and neighborhood. It’s not easy finding the perfect area with great neighbors, but having a home you love is also important.  If you’ve grown to love the location of your house and who you live next to, it’s worth looking into remodeling if you don’t love your current home.  By remodeling your home with small or even large projects, you can have it all: the perfect neighbors/neighborhood and the perfect home.
  5. 6. You want to update your house to be more eco-friendly. If you think it’s time to add features that make your home more energy efficient, the cost and effort are worth it for these upgrades.  This can be anything from updating your windows and exterior doors, to adding solar panels or replacing insulation.  Any one of these examples as well as other energy efficient upgrades are worth consideration. Not only will you see the benefits monetarily, you’ll be cutting back on your carbon footprint. 
  7. comfotable and chic living room design

Overall, if making your home a more functional and enjoyable place to live is your goal, then the time, emotions, and dollars you put into your project will be worth it.  It’s important to keep in mind that with any remodeling project, there will be some tough decisions to make, but in the end, it will be worth it.  So, let’s get remodeling.  Fill out the form below for a free consultation for your project.  


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