Custom Design & Construction provided a professional experience from start to finish. Our project was completed on time and on budget, and the finished product was exactly what we expected. We are delighted with the work. Custom Design & Construction will be our first choice for our next improvement project!

  - L.M. Rancho Palos Verdes, CA



An excellent experience and a great company to work with.

  - C.E. Woodland Hills, CA



The work crew was excellent. Randy kept on top of them very well. Julio deserves recognition as well. They were polite, well mannered, and considerate.

  - G.W. Long Beach, CA



We were shocked when Custom Design told us they could self-fund our project at extremely favorable terms! This made sure we could complete the improvements while our other home was still on the market. This allowed us to do the project without living through the remodel and about a year ahead of schedule.

  - B.M. El Segundo, CA



We were very happy with Randy, the manager. Also, Samantha pleased us. The interior design lady was good too.

  - B.H. Hermosa Beach, CA



We recommended them to our neighbor and they went with them.

  - E.B. El Segundo, CA



Everyone from Bill down to the construction crew were excellent. Their people make all the difference because they truly care.

  - J.T. Mar Vista, CA



They adamantly stood by the schedule (they were actually early). The price they quoted us at was the actual price we paid for in the end. There were no conflicts. Any disagreements were quickly and professionally resolved. We knew exactly what was going on and what to expect during the entire process.

  - A.M. Los Angeles, CA



Quality of work, quality and professionalism of workers, communication, maintaining time schedule.

  - J.O. Culver City, CA