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In-House Finance Solutions

We offer in-house financing as another means to help you achieve your vision and goals for your investment.

Home Design and Remodel Financing

While the design and construction of a home renovation project is very important, often a bigger concern is how best to pay for your remodel. An integral part of Custom Design & Construction’s complete set of services is providing clients with unmatched solutions for home remodeling financing.

While providing home design and remodeling services since 1988, Custom Design & Construction has come to understand that one of the greatest challenges in home remodeling can be figuring out how to finance the project. Often, renovation loans can take weeks or months to obtain. They can delay the project and add thousands of dollars of additional bank costs, points and fees. But this doesn’t have to be the case. We’ve streamlined and simplified the financing phase for our clients as part of our process. All our financing options offer no points, closing costs, fees of any kind and you will never be penalized if you choose to pay off the balance early.

Customized Financing Options Tailored for You

As experts in the architectural, design and build industry, we know exactly what is needed to get a project financed. Our experience with remodeling financing brings this expertise to you in the form of the best home remodeling loans and repayment packages in the industry. Indeed, the financing options available are tailored specifically for those interested in home remodeling loans, which is just one of the many reasons so many of our clients choose to go this route when financing their projects.

Free Analysis – Contact Us Today

The economic difficulties of the past have made navigating the housing and financing market tough for buyers, sellers, and homeowners considering remodeling. However, with the economy in full recovery and realtors all over the country reporting rising home values and sales activity, now is the perfect time to consider a home renovation.

If you are planning on remodeling your home, our construction and renovation loans are the most affordable right now, with low interest rates and reasonable repayment terms. Custom Design & Construction has more financing options than most traditional banks and we will work with you to create the best financing scenario that is right for you and your home remodeling project.

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Free Project Consultation

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