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on October 10, 2014 Blog

Kitchen Design Styles

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Picking a design and style for your kitchen can be just as difficult as deciding what you are going to wear in the morning. Everyone has their own idea of what they want, like, and need. Deciding what will work best for you and your home on top of making you happy is important while choosing your new kitchen design style. It can be very confusing and overwhelming, but if you get a basic grasp of what you do and do not like, it can simplify the process.

There are a lot of different popular kitchen styles to choose from. We are going to outline some popular styles; Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Country and Eclectic. Amongst these designs is a wide variety that can be intermixed allowing you to pick and choose certain things you like from each style and create your own. Layout, materials, and cabinet style can make a huge difference in how your kitchen is portrayed.


Traditional Kitchens

Cabinetry Type

Raised panel doors are the most common door style in a traditional kitchen. The detailed door frontoften hints to decorative carvings. A lot of times in traditional kitchens you will find that the cabinets tend to be in natural colors and finished glazed to give the impression that they are slightly used. These kitchens are known for having handles on the doors and well as knobs. The spaces are usually taller to make the area feel larger.


Details in Architecture

Traditional Kitchens originally got their design style from the “old-world” where millwork was used to embellish a space. When designing a traditional kitchen, think about adding the old-world feel. Enhance the kitchen by adding modeling to the top of the cabinets. Another great idea is to add ceiling beams or framing doorways. Elaborating on these detailed areas can add a nice touch to your traditional kitchen.

Kitchen Accessories

Although cabinetry and architecture are important when designing a traditional kitchen, it is not the only thing that matters. Attention to detail in every area of the kitchen is imperative. Large islands give off a feel of openness for a gathering place for family and guests; which is often seen in traditional kitchens.

Apron sinks are used in traditional kitchens as a reminiscent of the old-world design style. Stone and butcher blocks will also give you a sense of luxury in your kitchen.


Modern Kitchens

Clean and Simple

Unlike traditional kitchens, modern kitchens are full of clean lines and minimalist design details. Normally, the only extravagant feature will be the detail in the wood grain.

Often times you will find “euro” style cabinets or flat panels with modern hinges and simple hardware in a modern space. Colors tend to be simple neutral colors such as dark wood, gray, black, and white. Every so often pops of color will be added. Appliances are normally stainless steel giving the space a sharp look.


Modern kitchens have an open and inviting layout. One major factor in design for a modern kitchen is the fact that a kitchen is no longer a one person room; it is an inviting gathering spot for family and guests. Islands are often found in modern designs, to help create a nice sense of openness for guests.

Lighting is an important feature to add when capturing an open feel. Nature lighting is preferred but is not necessary to grasp the same feel. The space can be lit up with under cabinet lighting and recessed lighting.

Smart Attributes

A popular item to have in a modern kitchen is eco-friendly products. Energy saving appliances such as water saving faucets, and eco-friendly cabinet options are a great way to add a modern twist in the kitchen. The use of technology is very popular in modern kitchen. Take advantage of the new gadgets to make your kitchen seem extraordinary.

Contemporary Kitchens

It is important to understand the difference between a modern and contemporary kitchen. More than often the two designs are mistaken. It may seem that the two have the same design elements; however there are a few key differences you should know about.

Contemporary kitchens include more textures. It can come in many forms from tile backsplash, to a detailed rug, or textured wallpaper. Modern kitchens are simple. A modern design is known for the slick smooth texture and encompasses glass in the design for a smooth feel.

Both styles use a lot of linear details and clean shapes. Major indicator of contemporary design is occasional curves, swirls, or swoops in the design. Furniture will often have a similar design element has the room and will incorporate a strong use of colors and detail to give the room a more welcoming and inviting feel. Both looks are extremely popular and make for gorgeous kitchens.


Country Kitchens

Cabinet Style

One great thing about country style kitchens is you can incorporate modern or traditional styles into the design depending on your preference. The cabinets in a country style kitchen often showcase the natural wood and are finished in a lighter color. Generally, the doors have raised details on them. Rustic pulls and knobs are also a very popular choice in country kitchens.



Having a welcoming layout is important in a country kitchen. It does not matter if the space is small or large. The impression you want from being in the room is warm and cozy; you want your guests to feel like they are in a cottage on the mountains. Incorporating a large island with seating for people to gather will make the room feel inviting. If the room is smaller, making sure the appliances are well laid out so everyone is able to use them will also give the same sensation as having a large island in a large room.


Country kitchens are known for mismatch items and eclectic style. Adding splashes of color with neutral colors will give your kitchen a country feel. Collecting unique country pieces over a period of time will add a special touch to your kitchen and make your guests feel that they are in a welcoming, irreplaceable space.


It’s Your Turn

There are a lot of different kitchen styles and while you are planning your kitchen remodel, it is a great idea to gather ideas from different pictures and sample materials. Social websites are a fantastic way to see other peoples past remodeling products. Try using websites such as Houzz and Pinterest to collect idea books on things you would like to do with your remodel. Hopefully by doing so it will streamline your dream kitchen idea!