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on May 23, 2016 Blog Open Floor Plan Kitchen Energy Efficiency Lighting

Get Things Cooking by Remodeling Your El Segundo Kitchen

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When we talk with homeowners about remodeling their kitchens, a common theme surfaces: They all express a desire to make their kitchen reflect their own unique personalities.  We think that’s a beautiful thing!  At the same time, savvy homeowners are aware of emerging trends.  They look at what’s new and fun in the marketplace, and then they work with us to make it their own.  So what’s cooking in kitchens these days?  Here are a few trends we’ve been seeing in kitchen remodeling.Modern_40.jpg

Open Up!  One trend we’ve noticed is to use open shelving to open up kitchen space.  This can help break up the box-like feel of the room.  Some homeowners match these open shelves with standard cabinets and glass doors.  This can create an intriguing look if you have some kitchen items of outstanding color or design to show off.


Light it Up!  One of the essential (and often overlooked) elements of a great looking kitchen design is lighting.  First and foremost, you’ll want to ensure that all of your work areas are well lit.  Great kitchen lighting, however, should be more than merely functional.  It’s also a critical design element.  You can use your lights to highlight specific portions of your kitchen.  That’s one reason we’re seeing an increase in the use of pendant lighting, LED chandeliers and lantern style lighting.

A kitchen of a different color!  Traditionally, kitchen designers (and homeowners) have favored matching countertops throughout the kitchen.  We’ve seen a definite move toward using different finishes and textures in countertops.  And appliances have started to come out of the woodwork as well, with bright, eye-popping colors.  It’s not for everyone, but it might be that unique element you’re looking for.

Release your inner chef!  The popularity of gourmet cooking shows on TV has resulted in an increasing number of homeowners that want to explore creative culinary adventures in the comfort of their own kitchens.  That’s increased the demand for professional or restaurant style equipment for home kitchens.  Keep in mind, however, that some of this equipment is pretty pricey.  So you’ll want to be really sure this is what you want before making that kind of investment.

Need some ideas for remodeling your El Segundo kitchen?  Take a look at some of the kitchens we’ve worked on recently.  They’re bound to give you some great ideas.

What questions do you have about getting your kitchen cooking?