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Backed by 4,500 years of practical experience, the design-build method -- sometimes referred to as the master builder method -- is a project delivery system used to ensure the seamless design and construction of a home, from beginning to end. 


Formed in 1993, the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) is one of the biggest proponents of design-build project delivery, promoting its best practices. They sum up the main benefits of design-build as a win-win-win, for the homeowner, designer and builder alike: 

"Streamlining project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the design-build team transforms the relationship between designers and builder into an alliance, which fosters collaboration and teamwork. United from the outset of every project, an integrated team readily works to successfully complete a project faster, more cost effectively and with fewer change orders.”

The Custom Design & Construction team could not agree more. 


In fact, we came up with a list of the top 5 reasons why homeowners should embrace design-build. Here they are:

  1. There is one team and everybody is on it. The designer, builder and

homeowner are all on the same page from start to finish, so when challenges arise, it is all hands on deck. Everybody is a team player with the same goal in mind. 

  1. Absolute accountability. One of the main benefits to design-build is that it is

almost impossible to ‘pass the buck’ or point fingers if things go awry. One entity assumes absolute accountability, including the end result, costs, and the timeline.

This also means that more attention is given to pricing and scheduling in the initial design phases, which minimizes misunderstandings and maximizes clear lines of communication throughout the duration of the project. 

  1. Top-notch experts in both design and building.The best design-build

teams consist of architects that can think like builders and builders who can think like architects.

Bottom line: A design-build firm is great at both designing and building, consisting of licensed architects with architectural training and experience in the respective field and builders who have a solid understand of pricing, sequencing and how buildings go together. 


  1. Client involvement is naturally built-in. Any client who wants to be an

active participant in the design and construction of their home will be happy to know that their voice is always heard.

With open communication from the onset and due to the transparency of design-build, clients will always be able to understand the process and will know what is going on. Their ideas and personal creativity are embraced as a collaborative effort throughout the entire process.

  1. Save time, save money. Efficiency in design and construction usually

        equates to monetary savings. With the design-build team committed to

measurable progress within the agreed upon timelines, homeowners experience better, faster and more cost-effective results.

While conventional wisdom says that making changes during construction is going to cost more money, the design-build system is highly adaptive and responsive in the field, meaning big decisions can be made without change orders or additional fees. 

When you decide to work with a single firm, with a proven track record, and one who understands both aspects of design and construction, you leverage all of the unique experience needed -- and it can all be found in one place.

Embrace the design-build system for a home you can truly call your own!