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on February 03, 2020 Blog Interiors Lighting renovations

Bold Home Design Ideas Without the Big Commitment

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Interior Design is both fun and challenging.  With so many options and access to so many ideas; it can get overwhelming.  Rather than thinking about a big element or a complete redesign to bring some new excitement into your space, start small and work your way up to expressing yourself with bigger, more permanent design work when you’re ready.  Here are ways to add some fun to your home design that avoid a big commitment you may regret later.

  1. 1. Decorative Accents! Decor can be a game changer when it comes to adding unique touches to the overall design of your home. Decorative accents can bring a sense of style and fun to your design if done correctly.  Start with selecting a different color that is complimentary to the colors already in your home.  We recommend heading to a local home goods store to see pieces in person.  Strategically placed vases, throw pillows, area rugs, wall art, or figurines throughout your space will instantly add a pop of fun without a big commitment.
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  5. 2. Accent furniture or fixtures! Go get that statement piece you’ve always wanted.  Whether it’s a pop of color with a bright green chair or a big chandelier that ties into existing furniture, accent furniture is a great way to add fun design elements to your space without the long-term commitment. 
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  9. 3. Minimalism! Decluttering spaces has been all the rage, thanks to Marie Kondo, and it’s something we can get behind! Simple, thought out designs can bring a tranquil, Zen-like feeling to a home. While it may not be an over-the-top change, minimalist designs allow for statement pieces to be the focal point.
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  13. 4. Go Eco Friendly! Positively impact the environment using home design and decor choices while still bringing a sense of fun into your design.  Houseplants, vintage decor, reclaimed wood, and re-purposed furniture are all great ways to add some unique decor to your space while keeping it eco-friendly.  Check out Pinterest for ways people have reused old furniture or decorated with plants - it’s a great way to get inspiration for your design!

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  1. 5. Accent tiles or walls! A little more permanent, but using a pop of color or texture through walls or tiles is an easy way to add some pizzazz to your design.  Have a little fun with your home by painting a ceiling, door, or baseboard in an accent color or adding some design to an area with tiles.  This can really change the vibe of your space by bringing it some color or even pattern to your space.

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Using any one of these ways is a great way to add fun elements to your design, without jumping into a permanent, long-term commitment.  Bring some fun into your home with small changes, working your way up to the bigger commitment items. 


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