eBook: Six Secrets to Successful Remodeling

Written by Bill Simone, learn common mistakes when starting a remodeling project and the six money-saving secrets you need to make your remodel a success.



Whitepaper: The 15 Most Important Questions to Ask A Contractor

To assist you with your contractor choice, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 most important questions to ask the contractor you’re considering.



Whitepaper: The Four Most Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

Remodeling your kitchen is a big decision. This article will walk you through the 4 biggest mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid them.



Videos: Behind The Design

Do you love "Before and After" pictures but you're not sure how you get from one to the other?

Then this video series is for you! In each "Behind the Design" episode, we give you the story behind one of our latest design projects and tell you how we created the end result.

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Whitepaper: The Secrets of Design-Build Remodeling

When it comes to major residential remodeling, many homeowners believe that retaining an independent architect and bidding out the plans is the best route. There is actually a better model that is called Design/Build.



Whitepaper: 7 Hot Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathroom remodeling has increased tremendously in popularity. Real estate agents say they are the second most important part of the home (following kitchens) when it comes to resale. Regardless of resale potential, homeowners see baths as special rooms.

This whitepaper will give you insight into 7 hot bathroom remodeling ideas to consider for your next remodel.