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Our Process

Custom Design & Construction is the rare design-build company that handles both design and construction with a team of experts who are all under one roof.

A Design-Build Company

Our designers and project managers are all CD&C employees under one roof, rather than contractors or consultants, so you access the benefits of working with a dedicated team of professionals for you and your home. CD&C guides you from an initial design consultation to final building completion with a seamless process that allows for enhanced communication, accountability and budget control.

We work closely with you to define your dreams, your needs, and the creative possibilities for your space. We'll help you translate your vision and expand your imagination, adding a sense of ownership to the creative process.

Weekly meetings are scheduled to show you the details of your project.

Our Design-Build Process

From listening to our clients for the past 30 plus years, we’ve learned what matters most to them when making major home renovations and additions; thoughtful, beautiful design, a well-formulated process, outstanding craftsmanship, responsive service, and respect for our client’s budget.

You’ll first meet with one of our experienced Design and Remodeling specialists at your home who understands style, current design standards, building and zoning requirements and the ins-and-outs of material selections. We’ll also introduce you to our many resources and walk you through the time-tested Design/Build process.  At this first meeting, we’ll discuss construction planning, budgeting and project timing.  If you have a vision and a wish list, if you have questions, we’ll be able to address them.

Although we’re a team of creative thinkers, we understand that certain aspects of what we do need to be consistent - every time - for a successful, predictable end result.  Custom Design & Construction is committed to making your home remodeling experience as enjoyable and effortless as possible.  We accomplish this using our proprietary 3-step process; Discovery – Design & Refine - Build.

Step 1 - Discovery

This first phase, Discovery, starts with documenting the existing conditions of your home. We’ll measure and photograph every inch both inside and outside when necessary to ensure complete accuracy. We’ll create scaled computer plans of the existing home and begin developing conceptual drawings and sketches of the possibilities. We’ll also review structural elements and check for any building restrictions with the city. Then, we present you with three different design concepts using floor plans and elevations as well as 3D sketches to ensure you understand exactly what your new space will look and feel like. We’ll help you explore your options while offering our guidance and expertise.

With each of the design options, we’ll also propose preliminary material selections and begin to define budgeting scenarios, timeframes, and project specifications.

Step 2 - Design & Refine

This next phase, Design & Refine, is where we really get deep into the weeds with the project details. With your feedback in hand from the review of the design options outlined in step 1, we develop the plan that best suits your family, home and lifestyle to your unique specifications.

Throughout this phase, you’ll be provided with all of the information you need to make well-informed decisions on your homes exterior and interior finishes, cabinetry, tile, countertops—anything and everything associated with the project. We’ll have an initial meeting with your Project Manager and schedule the appropriate trade experts (plumber, electrician, HVAC, etc.) to identify any potential problems before the construction phase begins.

During this phase, we’ll be meeting at our Design Center in El Segundo, CA. At our Design Center, we have full scale kitchen and bathroom displays as well as examples of cabinets, countertops, tile, showers, flooring and more. With these real-life models as our point of reference, we can help you explore the options while offering our guidance and expertise. Once all the product selections are finalized, we’ll record every detail in a written Construction Agreement and Specifications document specifying your unique design finishes, material selection, and construction requirements to accompany and supplement the drawings.

Step 3 - Build

We’re now ready to build your dreams. While we prepare all the detailed drawings necessary to obtain the building permits, you’ll meet with your Project Manager (PM) and talk about specific project and site requirements like work flow, location of tools, equipment and material storage. You and your PM will arrange a day and time for a weekly check-in to monitor progress.

We’ll treat your home with the utmost care and mindfulness.

Your PM is in charge of ordering and receiving materials, managing the team of craftsmen and trade experts, coordinating building department inspections, and ensuring overall project quality. If you would ever like to discuss upcoming tasks or ask a question, your PM is your go-to person. When the project is nearing completion, we’ll schedule a final project review to go over the plan for completing any outstanding details.

Quality, craftsmanship and open communication are guaranteed from when you welcome us into your home until we wave a last goodbye. We’ll treat your home with the utmost care and respect, completing the project on time and within the agreed budget.


Your home is the center of your life for you and your family and we don’t take that lightly. We know that you need to be able to trust the people who work in your home. We intend to earn that trust. To that end, we offer an industry leading 5-year warranty.

Details will be in your contract, and if you ever want to ask about the specifics, please feel free to call and speak with one of the professionals at Custom Design & Construction. If unexpected issues do arise, we will go the distance to make it right. Your satisfaction is our mission, and we stand behind everything we do.

Award-Winning Work

Our legacy of award-winning work and commitment to ethical business practices has helped us build exceptional relationships with our clients and partners.


As a CD& C client, you can rely on the most creative high-quality material, and products for your home with a cost effective, efficient process.

  • Our seasoned team has been recognized with multiple regional and national awards.
  • A remodeling firm that will stand behind its work and materials for years to come
  • A remarkable 93% client satisfaction 

Free Project Consultation

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