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Our team is comprised of the brightest and most creative minds that are passionate about homes, great design and quality craftsmanship.

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Gino Antonio

Staff Accountant

Gino Antonio

Algino C. Antonio works as an Accounting Supervisor of Custom Design & Construction.  He joined the team in 2006, his first job out of school.  At Custom Design & Construction, he learned to put Accounting theories to practical setting.  He loves to work behind -the-scenes and sees complex mathematical and accounting problems as a challenge.

With a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree, and the value of honesty and loyalty as his core values together with the mindfulness of teamwork and his expertise in Cost Accounting and Constructive Accounting, as well as general accounting, he believes he can contribute for the betterment of the company.

“Simplicity is next to godliness." - Anonymous

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