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on October 24, 2016 Open Floor Plan Transitional Additions Interiors Whole House

Your Wish is the Family Room’s Desire

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There are many reasons for wanting an updated family room. 

The reasoning will dictate the furnishing, color schemes, finishing details and special components needed to individualize the family room. 

Perhaps the room needs to be repurposed. For example, maybe the family room is intended for teenage jam sessions. Maybe the room is meant to be away from the rest of the world and doubles as an at-home yoga studio. Maybe the room was intended for those special family movie nights with freshly-popped popcorn cuddled up by the fireplace.

Whatever your goal is, you can make your family room whatever you wish. Just take the time to design and plan it from the very beginning. 


The motives for a family room reflect the different needs and lifestyles: often cited is the need for space for a growing family. 

If the family room is the home to a growing family, the space needs to be able to adapt if different members of the family are occupying the space. For example, if the children are put to bed, the adults need to be able to feel as though the space suits them just as equally for movie nights as it is for having late night conversations with their spouse.

Family rooms are different from their formal living room counterparts. For example, South Bay residents definitely prefer to have a more casual lifestyle. If your family is similar and find yourself always gathered around the kitchen table, while the formal living room goes uninhabited, it may be a better fit to plan an entire room to cope with leisurely moments. 

A shift of favorite activities and hobbies to your own house is another reason for opting for a family room. (You could always opt for your own hobby room in addition to a warm family room.)

Often, new hobbies and interests demand space and the kind of surroundings at home that can take abuse without showing it. 

For instance, budding indoor gardeners need space to water and re-pot plants, require no-nonsense surfaces on floors, and counters that will withstand water and potting soil.

In most homes, the space you need for your family room is right at hand. It may be hidden in an unused, unfinished attic, garage, or an easily enclosed and converted porch. 

If available, the attic is usually the most logical and economical area for conversion. 

No matter where it is located, the only way for a family room to be successful is for it to reflect the interests and personality of you and your family. 

Your wish is its desire!