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Longing for the days of water-cooler gossip and meetings that could have been emails, most of us have come to find our new normal for the time being is working from home.   Trying to drown out dogs barking, children crying, and avoiding the accidental video-bomb has become work in itself so we’ve put together a list of things to take into consideration for setting up a home office for optimal efficiency.

Location! Ideally, a room with a lock dedicated for a home office would be best, but not everyone has that space to spare.  When considering where to set up your office, look for areas that have less foot traffic. This will help avoid interruptions during calls and video meetings, and will give you a sense of separation from home and work.  If possible, avoid setting up your office in your bedroom.  Your bedroom should be a place to relax and unwind from the day, if you’re work is within eyesight, it may be difficult to disconnect and cause more anxiety than if your office were in another room.

Office 1

Lighting! With smaller monitors and even laptop setups, lighting will be an important factor in your work-from-home space.  Find an area with good lighting or a place where you can set up a task lamp. If you have a space with natural light, open up those drapes! Also ensure your main light source is in front or above you rather than behind to prevent a silhouette effect for any video conferences.

Office 2

Furniture! You don’t have to have a complete office set up, but it’s important to find a sturdy desk with a comfortable chair. If you don’t have an ergonomic chair, find a chair that is good for your posture and supports your spine, after all this is where you’ll be sitting most of the day.  Setting up monitors to be eye level so you aren’t hunched into your screen and still using ergonomic keyboards is important.  if you have the space, make an area for a little yoga set up to take some breaks throughout the day.

IT! Make sure you’ve got the best connection for your work from home needs.  There have been reports of slower internet speeds due to the influx of people working online.  Internet providers can make sure you set up with the speed that is needed for your needs. Check your modem, make sure your monitors work, and test out other equipment like headsets, microphones, and computer cameras to avoid any technical interruptions during the day.

Plants! Adding plants to a new work space is beneficial in many ways.  Multiple studies have shown the focus and production of workers trends upwards in office spaces that have plants. Incorporating decorative containers can also provide an easy Spring refresh to your home office.  Whether you choose snake plants and ivy, low maintenance succulents, or herbs to use in home cooked meals, this addition will pay off in many ways. 

office 5

Décor! Make the space your own. Put up photos of your kids or furchild, some artwork, awards, or even spruce it up with a rug.  Add a little bit of fun to this new space! You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so may as make it as comfortable as possible. 

Try to stick to a routine while working from home.  After focusing all day amongst crying kids, barking dogs, and virtual co-workers, allow time and space to relax.  At the end of the day, leave your work at "the office".  


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