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on April 01, 2020 Blog Interiors Lighting renovations design style

What's Your Design Style?

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There are many types of design styles when it comes to home remodeling, but ones most commonly seen in the El Segundo and surrounding areas are Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Coastal, Traditional, Industrial, Bohemian, and Transitional.  While you may not fit into one single category, here’s a breakdown of each style to help guide you in your home remodeling journey.

Contemporary - Contemporary style is hard to nail down because it encompasses a wide range of tastes.  Generally, a contemporary space doesn’t showcase much color; think black, white, and grey with clean lines and minimal textures.  This style tends to produce a more open space that combines comfort and sustainable features.  It’s less defined by a set of rules but inspired by things that are popular and trendy at the time. 

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  3. Mid-Century ModernWith a booming resurgence, we’ve recently completed some great projects Mid-Century Modern style. Warm, rich colors (think rust-like hues and deep greens paired with geometric patterns) as well as sculptural metal features, define this design style. A combination of vintage pieces, brass décor, and raised furniture on tapered legs can provide a spacious look. Warm-toned woods and vibrant colors enhance natural light and provide a clean and crisp look.

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    Coastal - This design style comes naturally where the ocean breezes flow through the air. Because we are fortunate enough to be close to the beach, many homeowners like to incorporate a coastal look. This style lends itself to a relaxed  sophistication.  Light, beachy colors - like blue, coral, and green – as well as lots of white are main color characteristics of a coastal design style. White wood paneling, furniture, and décor provide an airy and relaxing style. Natural textures like linen and rattan complete the look.

    2810 Colt-23

    TraditionalThoughts might go straight to boring and outdated designs, but this is far from the truth.  Warm colors, large-scale applications, and attention to detail creates a look of grandness. With an emphasis on high-end materials and craftsmanship, a traditional look showcases ornate cabinets, curved lines, and beveled edges. Luxury paired with functionality makes this a timeless design style. 

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    lndustrial – This edgy style includes metal surfaces, natural tones and wood features.  Exposed beams, pipes, and brick are among the many techniques used to achieve this style.  Think metal cabinets and countertops, concrete floors, open spaces with high ceilings.  Using metal décor and industrial like pieces such as metal light pendants helps achieve this functional and dramatic style.

    1832 Bayview-02-2

    Bohemian – The BoHo, free-spirited style brings bright colors and patterns to a design.  Pairing vibrant tones with unexpected patterns that may not “match” is an unconventional but funky and fun way to create unique spaces.  Think vintage furniture, textile walls, and loud/fun patterned floors.  This chill style mixes new and old throwing the design book out the window.  Hand-made and natural items like macramé pieces and hanging plants make this a fun and chic place to live. 

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    Transitional – With thoughtful uses of color and patterns, this style can showcase your personality in your home. Think neutral colors, like grey and cream, with a mix of modern lines and curved accents. Incorporating decorative hardware, lighting, and furniture creates a look that lies somewhere between contemporary and traditional.

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    Not everyone falls into one specific design style. Our clients tend to like a mix of multiple styles throughout different rooms in their homes. To ensure your vision can be incorporated in the best way, it’s always a good idea to chat with a designer before starting a big re-design. Have some fun with your designs and, no matter what your style, be sure to keep functionality and comfortability for you and your family as top priority! 


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