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on December 07, 2015 bath

What Your Houseguests Want from Your Guest Bath

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One of the many benefits of living in the South Bay area is being able to share your home with out of town friends and family.

Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach… anywhere close to the beach is going to make your houseguests smile - especially if they are from the East Coast!

What makes the whole experience even better for them is the wonderful guest bath they will be using during their stay in your home.

It keeps them comfortable, happy and impressed with your taste - and it won’t encourage them too overstay their welcome.

Your houseguests will want comfort and accessibility during their stay at your home.


Here are a couple of ways you can give it to them:

Let style and design be driven by comfort.

Be sure to let comfort lead the way to design. That starts with making it as roomy as possible. Look for various sources of inspiration when homing in on your style. Thumb through magazines, spend some time on Pinterest, and visit decorator show houses. You want to see what is already out there to get a feel for what you like and what you don’t like. If you can marry the bathroom design that appeals to you and the needs of your future guests, you are on the right track.

Optimize for convenience and accessibility.

If you are remodeling the guest bath, create the best floor plan possible by hiring a professional designer. A professional designer will be able to assess the overall size of the room and be able to effectively work in the required elements to create. Accessibility is key for houseguests, because it makes their life easier. There is no need to go overboard with luxury either. Sticking to the basics in the guest bath - sink, shower, and a toilet - with work just fine.

If you want to make the guest bath even more convenient and accessible, consider including solid surface countertops with an under-mount sink, or laminate countertops with a vitreous china sink. They are easy to clean and maintain.

Provide enough storage, but not too much.

Depending on how long you want your houseguests to stay, you can determine how much storage to provide. Nobody wants their houseguests to overstay their welcome. So the key here is to provide enough storage, but not too much. Make sure the bathroom is stocked with basics like towels, toilet paper and shampoo. The more you give them, the less inclined they will be to ask you for these items on a regular basis. Using a small linen closet stocked with extra necessities like towels and tissue, a couple of drawers where personal items can be stored, and few hooks to hang clothes and towels will make guests feel at home.

Add a nice touch to the guest bath with accessories.

Some nice thick, soft towels and a couple of cozy bathrobes hanging off of the wall can add a nice touch to the guest bath. Throw in a fragrant candle and an assortment of decorative soaps and your guest bath will have made its mark.

Whether you are creating a new space for a new guest bath or remodeling the bathroom layout of an existing one, the main goal should be to create a welcoming space for overnight company.