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Finding the right look for your home can be overwhelming.  Luckily there is a lot of inspiration out there to excite you and inform your choices. We’ve rounded up some of 2018’s most interesting home trends to breathe new life into your home and keep it looking fresh and exciting.

Nordic/ Scandinavian Style:

The clean lines and cozy warmth of Scandinavian interiors are perfect for a space that feels inviting and uncluttered. Think soft light woods like pine and team with soft greys, greens, and whites for a chic way to dress your space.


The “Integrated Kitchen”:

We’re seeing increased demand for open plan kitchens and living spaces that cater to the fluid nature of modern living. The “Integrated Kitchen” blends seamlessly with your living areas to allow the family to gather and chat and make entertaining effortless.




Ways with Wood:

An increased demand for natural materials is seeing people look for innovative ways to integrate these into their homes. There’s a resurgence in dark woods, like Rosewood and Walnut and also decorative finishes such as cerused wood and charring to emphasize natural grain.


The Home Gallery:

Cleaner lines and minimal decor are seeing a rise in using art and objects to curate the home and showcase personality. Whether through feature walls of large-scale artwork or collections of work. There’s also a demand for carefully chosen objects such as vases and sculptures to add personality.


Contrasting Details:

The trend for minimalism doesn’t mean you have to compromise on personality. Currently, we’re seeing people add creative details to their design choices with accent handles, fixtures and details. Think burnished brass handles on kitchen cabinets and matte silver accents to complement marble bathroom details.



As always trends are there to inspire you but it’s important to find things that work for you and your home. Our team is always on hand to talk you through options and ensure you feel comfortable and excited about any choices you make.


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