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At home, entertaining is on the rise but true wine aficionados still want a way to enjoy great wines and store them to ensure quality too. Here are our top suggestions for smart ways to store wine and enjoy your collection at home. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets:

With the call for more open plan kitchen and entertaining spaces, we’re seeing lots of clever designs such as custom wine refrigerators and storage units which fit under counters to neatly store wine. They also ensure your wine is easily on hand and at the perfect temperature for when you have guests.




Custom Drawers:

A simpler solution is to convert an existing cabinet by adding sliding drawers or shelves, this is ideal if space is at a premium and you don’t want to go to the lengths of installing special refrigerators.


Basement or Under Stair Storage:

Wine does best when stored away from heat and sunlight so basement storage can be ideal but if you don’t have this option, under stairs storage also offers the same benefits. Both are easy to organize with modular shelving or can be built custom to suit your needs.


Spare Room:

If you have a room or nook that’s underused in your home, converting it can create extra storage for wine, stemware, and other items you use to entertain. Even just adding modular wine shelves to your pantry can transform the space.


Furniture Hacking:

Existing furniture and storage items can be repurposed to store wine. With modern homes, DVD and CD storage are obsolete for many and adding modular wine shelves can give this new purpose in your home.



Many wines are works of art in their own right and look beautiful when displayed in your home. Custom solutions and shelving can allow you to showcase your favorites and make them a talking point for any guests that visit.

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