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on April 19, 2018 Bathroom Remodel Design/Build Home Remodel renovations kitchen remodel

What Home Renovations Offer the Best Return

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 Before you invest in remodeling, it’s worth looking at which projects offer the greatest returns for you to see the long-term benefit as well.

There are many reasons to renovate your home, maybe the space isn’t working for you or your family or you need more storage or simply just want a change. Before you invest in remodeling, it’s worth looking at which projects offer the greatest returns for you to see the long-term benefit as well.

Kitchen Remodeling:

The Kitchen is the heart of the home. When remodeling here, don’t play it safe. Make sure you really create what you want as the wow factor is a big draw in this room. You can also expect around 80% return, making this well worth the investment.

 Best Return 2


A beautiful bathroom is a real draw for homeowners. Also, the ratio of bathrooms to bedrooms matters too. In a family home no-one wants to be scrabbling for the shared shower, so adding an extra bathroom can make your home even more livable.



It may not be the most glamorous or visible adjustment you can make to your home but it does have multiple benefits. Not only is it relatively cheap- around $2500 it can lower heating or AC costs making the estimated return over 100%!


New Doors:

Whether you’re seeking to make a statement with your front door or just freshen up the front of your house with a new garage door, these extra touches can make all the difference. Plus, on front door the average you’ll recoup is 80%. With garage doors unless you specifically need one that opens automatically a basic door has little impact on a homes’ appeal to consumers.



Homes that look good inside and out are extra appealing to buyers and can see you reap a huge 105% investment too. Worth considering are some well-placed plants.  Landscaping can really act as a facelift for a home.


New Windows:

New windows can add more light to your space and make it far more appealing to consumers. They can also insulate and reduce outdoor noise too. Vinyl windows have a slight edge on wood in terms of investment as they are more durable but it’s a matter of what suits your aesthetic best.



Making your home energy efficient ultimately reduces long term running costs, making them great for you and a wonderful incentive for buyers too.

 Best Return 3

A Splash of Paint:

Lastly, sometimes simple touches can have the biggest impact. A simple paint job can have a tremendous impact on the feel of your home.  A clean bright fresh coat of paint can make your home appealing to others as well as for you.

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