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on February 08, 2016 Tuscan

Tuscan Style Home Designs In the South Bay

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Some say the South Bay is LA’s best-kept secret. Between the fresh air, active lifestyle, restaurants and bars it, and the laid back vibe that South Bay offers, we have to agree: It is LA’s best-kept secret.

South Bay’s breezy atmosphere and overall climate lends itself perfectly, to the inspiring Tuscan style home.

From a custom-built luxury chateau to a town home just feet from the ocean, the Tuscan style home cannot be missed - unless of course, you aren’t sure what to look for. If that is the case, let’s take a closer look.


A Tuscan style home typically combines modern elements with classic Italian design, resulting in attractive Old World European charm. Tuscan designs feature stucco exteriors with stone accents, terracotta roof tiles, narrow, tall windows with shutters and enclosed courtyards.

Additionally, this style often features decorative ceilings with wood beams.

Tuscan interiors boast a rustic, sunbaked look, simple and sturdy furnishing with elegant iron accents, terracotta tiles, elegant, detailed murals and textured wall finishes.


Walls often extend to a rustic beamed ceiling, while windows take full advantage of the unfiltered natural light, as they are simple and bare.

Color Palette

Expect earthy, unpretentious hues that evoke the essence of the Tuscan hillside.


Wrought-iron accessories such as candle sconces and light fixtures can reinforce the rustic theme. Other appropriate accessories include painted ceramic objects and tile to bring color and vitality to the design.


Bring the Tuscan look down to the floor with terracotta tiles, stone with mosaic inlay and worn wood covered with antique rugs.

From Florence to Siena, the Tuscany region of Italy is filled with quaint villas and homes perched in sloping hills in the picturesque countryside. You don’t have to live there to experience the Old World charm and allure of a Tuscan style home.