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Kitchen Contemporary

How to ‘Class Up’ Your Kitchen with Cabinets

Some homeowners place a premium on a cozy kitchen. Others want to make sure the kitchen is family-friendly.


Ultimate Resource for Any Kitchen Remodel

There’s nothing more frustrating that knowing exactly what kind of kitchen you want, but not knowing where to go in order to get it. Problem solved!

Open Floor Plan Kitchen Energy Efficiency Lighting Smart Homes

7 Top Tips for Kitchen Lighting


Breakfast Nook: A Staple of the Cottage Style Kitchen

The cottage kitchen is often the heart of the home, and its décor can reflect any style you can imagine -- ranging from English cottages to a 1940s Ca...

Open Floor Plan Kitchen bath Exterior Transitional Garage Case Study Interiors Bathroom Whole House Energy Efficiency Lighting

Surviving A Remodel: A Client’s Perspective

We asked a few of our clients to share with us what their remodeling experience was like, and any tips they have for homeowners considering a renovati...

Kitchen Energy Efficiency Lighting Smart Homes

Keys to Strategic Kitchen Lighting

Strategic kitchen lighting does more than illuminate your daily tasks; it also brightens your entire mood. 

Open Floor Plan Kitchen bath foyer Home Gym Transitional Additions Contemporary Tubs Home Office Garage Shower Body Sprays Media Room Case Study Interiors Man Cave Bathroom Whole House Tuscan Energy Efficiency Lighting Smart Homes

Why the Process of Remodeling is Just as Important as the Reveal

When you are looking to hire a remodeler, you’re usually drawn in by their before-and-after pictures and the endless possibilities of your space. Whil...

Kitchen Contemporary Interiors Whole House Smart Homes

Range and Cooktop Options for Your Kitchen

What’s better, a separate cooktop and oven (or ovens), or a range that contains both in a single appliance? 

Open Floor Plan Kitchen Transitional Contemporary

Eclectic Kitchens: An Aesthetic Manifesto for Living

Some kitchens defy current tastes and derive their uniquely individual style from a variety of different elements and a diverse range of themes and so...

Open Floor Plan Kitchen Exterior Whole House

Does an Outdoor Kitchen Make Sense for You?

Some say that food tastes better when it’s cooked outdoors.