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Blog Interiors Lighting renovations design style

What's Your Design Style?

There are many types of design styles when it comes to home remodeling, but ones most commonly seen in the El Segundo and surrounding areas are Contem...

Blog Interiors Lighting renovations

Bold Home Design Ideas Without the Big Commitment

Interior Design is both fun and challenging.  With so many options and access to so many ideas; it can get overwhelming.  Rather than thinking about a...

Blog Interiors Lighting renovations

Living Through Our Own Remodel

We’re remodeling!  After 8 years, we’ve decided to take a collaborative approach to our Design Center and bring the Design and Construction Teams behi...

Exterior Interiors Whole House Lighting

Making An Informed Decision On Window Types

Windows serve many functions. They provide natural light, ventilation, and privacy. 

Interiors Whole House

[SoCal Homes]: Neutral Paint Colors that Make a Statement

To understand the role of neutral paint colors, consider a traditional winter landscape in a temperate climate: snow, bare trees, fragments of dried g...

Interiors Whole House

Resource Guide: 11 Vendors to Contact for Ideas and Inspiration on Floor Coverings

Flooring in any area of the home (especially stairways, halls, and landings) needs to be practical and hardwearing, to shrug off dirt brought in from ...

Interiors Flooring

Choosing the Right Flooring for Any Space

Deciding on the right floor for a particular room is not about taste alone. You have to consider the size and shape of the room, its architecture, fur...

Home Office Interiors

Featured on Houzz: Designer Secrets: 9 Beautiful Saturated Blue Paints

Custom Design & Construction was recently featured in Houzz as part of an editorial ideabook entitled "Designer Secrets: 9 Beautiful Saturated Blue Pa...


8 Historic Fireplace Fashions for Inspiration

Fireplaces have always been important stylistically, setting the tone for everything else in a room.

Transitional Contemporary Interiors

Why ‘Anywhere’ Is a Good Place to Install Built-ins

Even though a home remodel (or build) will increase in cost when more elements are added, you can’t overestimate the value that built-ins bring to a h...