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Tips to finding a trustworthy remodeling team

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With access to thousands of remodelers at your fingertips, it's important to do your due diligence when choosing your remodeling team. While Google and Houzz are great ways to scope out potential remodelers, there are many other way to cross reference and check whether or not a contractor is a good fit for you and your project. Here are six tips to help find a trustworthy remodeling team.

  1. 1. Reference license numbers: 
    The easiest step you can take to choosing a remodeling team is to start by referencing their license number.  By visiting the Department of Consumer Affairs Contractors State License Board, you can input any contractor's license to see if they have an active and valid license.  You will also be able to check if that contractor is insured and if there are any civil judgments against the remodeler.  This is an important and free tool that is at your disposal to vet out any remodelers that may not live up to your expectations.   
  2.  bathroom remodel with blue backsplash
  4. 2. Read reviews: With Google, Houzz, Facebook, etc. you can easily find client reviews and photos of work throughout the internet. These are free tools to use and could give you insight into the type of company your potential remodeler is.  Along the same concept, GuildQuality is another free site to check out reviews and ratings from actual clients.  These are surveys completed by clients that are collected by a third-party, making this a legit resource when doing research on remodelers.  
  6. 3. Talk to friends and family: Chances are there is someone you know that has done some type of remodeling project in your inner circle, ask them who their remodeler was and if they would recommend them.  Ask them about their experience with their remodeling team and what would/wouldn't they do differently if they were to do it over again.  See if there are any questions they wish they would have asked and don't be scared to ask them about pricing.  
  8. 4. Ask to speak with former clients: When speaking with a potential remodeling team, ask for references.  Speak with clients that have completed projects, try and get feedback from clients that have completed similar projects to yours.  Don't hold back on questions and express any concerns you may have with the former clients, they may be able to solidify your decision to or not to work with a potential remodeling team. 

kitchen remodel and great room remodel

  1. 5. Check previous work: Don't be afraid to ask to see previous work, especially work that would closely match your project.  Ask for before and after photos, timelines, budget ranges for similar projects, and any other questions you may have about the previous work.  
  3. 6. Have a conversation: Make sure you vibe with your potential remodeling team. They may do beautiful work and sound good on paper, but it's important to have a conversation and get to know the team as they will be in your life daily for the length of the project.  It's important you find a team that listens to what you want, but also has the knowledge and design eye for what can be done with your space.

Finding the right remodeling team, can be a daunting task but all the tips above are free resources to help you along your remodeling journey.  Speak to multiple remodelers, get multiple bids, and use the above resources to find a trustworthy remodeling team for your project.  To see if a Design-Build company is a right fit for your project, fill out the form below.  


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