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on May 16, 2016 Blog bath Tubs Shower Body Sprays Bathroom Energy Efficiency

Sometimes a Bath is Not Just a Bath: Remodeling Your L.A. Bathroom

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Sigmund Freud famously quipped that, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.”  However, what’s true in psychiatry doesn’t always carry over into home remodeling.  If you’re thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your L.A. area home, be assured that sometimes a bathroom is not just a bathroom!


Bathrooms today have come a long way from the “water closet” that people didn’t mention in polite conversation.  Many of today’s homeowners look at their bathrooms as mini-retreats – a place to relax and unwind.  Bathrooms have become one of the more important rooms in the home.  On top of that, they are one of the most important features of a home when it’s time to sell.


That means if you’re considering remodeling the bath in your L.A. area home, you need to think through the project carefully – before you start picking out fixtures, tile, and color schemes.  While those are fun (and important) thing to ponder, the first thing you need to do is determine what you want your bathroom to be like.  Before you jump into the specific details of colors and materials, ask some fundamental questions.  Here are a few to get you started.

  • Who will use this bathroom? Will this be a “family bathroom” or room reserved for the adults?  Will you have enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably?
  • How many sinks do you need? Do you want to share a sink – even if there are just two of you sharing the space?  Or do you want separate sinks?
  • Will you have adequate counter space? Can you “engineer” more space?
  • Shower? Bath? Both?  Do you prefer taking baths or showers?  Do you want both options?  What about a whirlpool or spa?  Should you put the bath/shower in a separate space from the sinks?
  • What about storage? Homeowners often overlook storage.  Where will you keep toiletries, first aid, medication, and cleaning supplies?
  • What kind of lighting is right? You may want different lighting for different parts of the bathroom: brighter lighting for makeup and shaving, and softer lighting for the shower / bathing area.
  • Do you want to go green? Saving water and electricity doesn’t mean foregoing comfort.  You can still enjoy luxury and comfort while reducing your environmental impact.


After you have thought through how you plan to use the space you can move on to the finishing touches such as color schemes, tile, faucet fixtures, and light fixtures.

Looking for some visual ideas on how you can turn your bathroom into “not-just-a-bathroom”?  Take a look at these innovative bathroom ideas.  Or if you’d like to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation, complimentary consultation, you can do that here!