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on August 21, 2017 Interiors Whole House

Resource Guide: 11 Vendors to Contact for Ideas on Floor Coverings

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1832 Bayview-02-1.jpgFlooring in any area of the home (especially stairways, halls, and landings) needs to be practical and hardwearing, to shrug off dirt brought in from outside, and to be safe.

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But they also offer a chance to make a statement about the whole house. They should be warm, welcoming, and in keeping with the overall architecture and style of the home.

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Check out these 11 vendors to get some ideas about what is possible when you put some time and effort into your floor coverings.

Aged Woods

Antique heart pine, hickory, ash, and other domestic flooring. 


Luxury vinyl tile flooring and vinyl wall base. 

Armstrong World Industries

Vinyl and laminate flooring.

The Buruss Co. 

Oak, pine, maple, ash, walnut, and cherry floors. 

Country Floors

Handcrafted and decorative floors. 

Granite Works

Natural stone. 

Interceramic USA

Ceramic floor and wall tiles. 

Linoleum City 

Selection of linoleum styles. 

Paris Ceramics

Limestone, terracotta, antique stone, and hand-painted tiles. 

Sullivan Floors

All types of wood flooring. 

Walker & Zanger 

Marble, granite, slate, limestone. 


Before you install floor coverings, put this list to good use and you’ll have more ideas than you can handle.

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Also, when you have a chance, check out the Ultimate Resource Guide for Any Kitchen Remodel. It’s loaded with great information on key vendors.