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on July 31, 2017 bath Tubs Shower Body Sprays Bathroom Lighting

Plan to Perfection With this Bathroom Remodel Quiz

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Planning the bathroom you want requires that you understand the one you have. Then you need to think about what you’d like to change and how you would change it.

This quiz will help you identify what kind of bathroom you’re living with now, what its advantages and drawbacks are, what your needs are, and what you would like to have in your new bathroom.

(For inspiration, see this complete El Segundo, CA bathroom remodel.)

First evaluate the bathroom you have now using this list of questions. Answer each question by providing a numerical value between 1-3 based on how important it is to rectify any problems you identify. 

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Use the following number system or devise your own: 1 = high priority, 2 = medium priority, 3 = low priority. 

Consider how higher-priority problems may be solved by a renovation or avoided if you’re building a new bathroom. 

With your prioritized bath uses in mind, also note which fixtures (both bathtub and a shower, for example), storage needs, and special amenities (such as a towel warmer) your new or remodeled bathroom will have. 

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  • Are bathing linens within reach of bathing facilities? 
  • Is there a place for soiled laundry (chute, hamper, other)?
  • Is there enough storage for linens and cleaning supplies?


  • Are bathing areas adequately lit? 
  • Are bathing facilities suitable for the intended use? 
  • Is the hot water supply adequate for the bathers’ use? 
  • Is water quality adequate, or does it require softening? 
  • Are bathing areas easily accessible to everyone? 


  • Are windows and treatments placed to allow both light and privacy?
  • Are the toilet and bathing areas secluded from vanity areas?
  • Are latches and locks secure and easy for all users to operate? 


  • Are you pleased with the current surfaces? 
  • Are the surfaces easy to clean? 
  • Do they tolerate standing water and high humidity?

Light and Views

  • Is your bathroom shadowy?
  • Do you have enough window light? 


  • Do entries block fixtures or storage when open?
  • Are paths from the toilet to bathing areas to grooming areas logical?


Would you like any of these special features? 

  • Soaking tub
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Two-person shower
  • Steam shower
  • Luxury fixed shower heads
  • Handheld shower heads
  • Full-length mirror
  • Bidet
  • Towel warmer
  • Sauna 

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Refer to this questionnaire as you continue to plan your bathroom. Take it with you when you talk to your bathroom designer, architect, or contractor