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on January 09, 2017 bath Tubs Bathroom Smart Homes

Music in the Bath: 3 Smart Gadgets for Singing-in-the-Shower Fun

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For music lovers, even the bathroom can be a place of melodic bliss. 

Whether you enjoy listening to your favorite podcast during a quick shower, or smooth Jazz during a warm bath, adding music to your bathroom tops off the entire experience. 

That’s probably the reason why luxury spas and hotels constantly have calming sounds in the background for their patrons. 

(Maybe they just assume that everyone sings in the shower!)

And thanks to a few electronics manufacturers with a flair for interior design, your bathroom can truly be a place where you calm your nerves, decompress, and unwind. 

So sit back, relax, and add a few of these tech-savvy audio gadgets to your bathroom: 

  1. Showerhead music. If you thought the only function of a showerhead was to shower you with water, think again. Kohler has come up with a clever idea to make it do double duty … and yes, music is involved. The K-9245 is equipped with a 32 foot Bluetooth range so that your phone can be placed outside of the bathroom, at a safe distance from the malice of moisture. Available in various colors, it offers homeowners a 60-angled spray nozzle and a 2.5 gpm spray, making it a great option across the board.  
  1. Waterproof speakers. When it comes to waterproof speakers in the bathroom, the options range from a portable bluetooth device with wireless connectivity and calling capabilities to a complete bathroom music range with audio dispersion, complete with high quality speakers all conveniently controlled from a wall panel. 
  1. Shower radios. Have a favorite radio station you like to listen to in the shower? You can’t go wrong with a splash-proof AM/FM radio. They are easily attached to a tile wall or shower enclosure. Some models have batteries that last up to 15 hours and include automatic phone pairing.
  1. Toilet that produces music. Multi-tasking seems to be the new standard for bathroom amenities. Imagine having a toilet that lets you stream your favorite music or podcasts while in the bathroom. Kohler’s Numi Intelligent Comfort Height smart toilet can do that and more. While it might not seem practical at first, it has proven to be an effective way of integrating smart entertainment in your bathroom. And it is definitely something that will get the attention of your houseguests.

Those who appreciate the therapeutic potential of a bathroom know that the space isn’t complete without music.

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Music soothes the soul and inspires us.

Plus, if you’re looking for some singing-in-the-shower fun, you might as well be accompanied with some background music!