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This is not a drill, Mother's Day 2020 is less than a month away(May 10th if you forgot) and while going to a restaurant or sending moms off to a spa for the day is out of the question, there are still some great ideas to make Mother's Day 2020 special for the mom(s) in your life.  Here are some ideas to make Mother's Day 2020 unique, brought to you by the moms of Custom Design & Construction.

Make her breakfast in bed.  Get up a bit early and get that coffee pot going and scramble those eggs.  While it's a very simple thing to do, it's a sweet gesture and hopefully gives her a little extra sleep that morning.  Take on lunch and dinner as well, making her favorite meals at home or ordering takeout.


Gifting a massage for a later date.  While you can't immediately send her to a spa, why not get her a gift certificate to her favorite place?  You'll also be helping out smaller businesses during this time.

Digitize her family recipes or make a cookbook.  This is a unique idea that can be saved and passed along to family and friends.  Find those favorite recipes and upload them online for easy access.  

Game night.  Set up a virtual game night with your mom and her family or friends.  There are some apps providing free online games during this time and a little social interaction with people outside of the house could be a nice touch. 

Gift her Chore Coupons. Get creative and make at home coupons that feature chores she can pass along to be done by someone else.  It can be as simple as doing a load of laundry or make it something she's been begging you to do like finally reorganizing that garage.  

Make a digital slide show. Put together some photos and add some music to create a gift just for her. You can also take this a step further and make her a personalized video featuring her children, family, and friends. 

At home spa. While this won't be the luxurious escape you may have originally planned, you can still give mom some time to herself.  Draw a bath, pour some champagne, turn on the music and let mom have some time alone to relax. 


Get crafty.  Make some homemade cards using materials you have around the house.  Grab some flowers from the yard for her.  Make some DIY candles using crayons.  There are plenty homemade craft ideas including these thoughtful gratitude boxes to gift to mom on Mother's Day.   

Just remember.   Add a reminder to your calendar.  A simple acknowledgement of Mother's Day goes a long way especially when it's hard to keep track of what day it is these days.  Just wish her a "Happy Mother's Day" and acknowledge all she does.  If you forgot the date, it's Sunday, May 10th

To all the mothers reading this, we wish you all a Happy Mother's Day and hope this Mother's Day is one you won't forget!


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