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on August 26, 2015 bath

Master Spas: Creating the Ultimate Oasis from the Comfort of Your Home

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As each day passes, it seems ever more challenging to find the time and the space needed to reward yourself for a hard day’s work. 

With some smart planning, professional guidance and a little creativity, a master bathroom can provide you the ultimate oasis for deep relaxation, an opulence suited for royalty and the kind of luxury that guests at the Ritz Carlton would envy -- and you can have it all from the comfort of your own home.  

It is important to understand that there are master baths and there are master spa baths. 

Yes, there is a difference -- a big one. 

The former is pragmatic and utilitarian. The latter is an oasis, where people go to decompress, relax and reconnect with their partners; it is a place where both the mind and body discover refuge from a lifestyle encumbered by demanding work schedules and other seemingly endless obligations. 

While everybody’s interpretation of their ideal master bathroom spa will vary, we’ve compiled a few must-haves to consider if you are ready to experience a spa-like getaway to look forward to on a daily basis.


Embrace Bathtub Luxury

A nice long soak in the tub is a long forgotten art form in today’s go-go society.

Tubs come in all shapes and sizes, with various amenities. A deep soaking tube with contoured back and molded armrests keep your arms submerged in the water, while an air-jetted tub provides a gentle massage or constant stream of water, with various settings.

A new master bath spa will accommodate the homeowner, whenever the mood strikes. With a few scented candles and good bath salts, your oasis is only a couple of feet from your bed.

Entertain Yourself

Spending a significant amount of time in a luxurious master bathroom spa makes entertainment a natural extension of the space. Adding flat screen TVs and stereos in the bathroom is a great way to keep happy and entertained.

Extend Shower Bliss

What is arguably the most important component of any bathroom? The shower. It’s where homeowners start their day and it is the closest thing to a spa day that can be experienced without leaving home.

As with baths, there are plenty of options for a new shower. An example of a high-end option may include a programmable shower and a variety of showerheads or sprays programmed to suit individual bathers in the household. Another example may be a hand-held, multi-use showerhead with multiple settings and various water sprays.

Hint: Would you like a more open and spacious feel to the space? Add glass panels and doors.

Choose Color Carefully

A master bathroom spa is expected to exude peace and calming factors. That being said, a warm neutral color palette is enough to set the tone with a relaxing feel that doesn’t overwhelm the eyes.

Light the Mood … (and Personal Appearance)

As much as bathroom lighting affects the mood, it has other benefits.

Install side lighting around bathroom or vanity mirrors, as above mirror lighting throws shadows on the face, which creates a better physical appearance, while lighting at eye level is better for grooming.

Vanity sconces at eye level, both to the right and left of the bathroom mirror should do the trick.

Feel Heated Comfort

Stepping out of the bath or shower is something to look forward to with heated floors that keep the feet toasty year-round.

Porcelain floor tile is an excellent alternative to ceramic because it is not as cold. Feel free to include a wall-mounted, heated towel rack to keep towels nice and warm.

A home spa has special touches that exceed the ordinary, and as bathrooms get larger, the features of a spa can be conveniently added to your home’s master bathroom spa.

Whether it has a walk-in shower with multi-level jets mounted in the wall, or an extra large soaking bathtub next to a fireplace, the master bathroom spa transforms that which is common into that which is extraordinary.