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on September 03, 2020 Blog Interiors Lighting renovations design style investment remodeling

Top 3 Questions Contractors are Asked and What You Should ASK

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With over 30 years of remodeling homes under our belts, we've answered nearly every question there is when it comes to home remodeling and the process.  Not surprisingly the top three questions we receive are great questions.  Surprisingly, however, we don't always get asked the questions that would benefit the homeowners the most.  Here are the top three questions remodeling contractors are asked and questions homeowners should be asking their remodeling contractors.    

  1. These are the top three questions remodeling contractors are asked.

  2. 1. How much will it cost? 5222 Longridge-08
  3. 2. How long will it take?
  4. 3. When can you start?
  6. Everyone agrees that these are very important questions, but they simply won’t provide you with enough information to make an informed decision. To get deeper insights into the company you’re considering hiring and to decide if they are the right company for you, these are the questions you should be asking a remodeling contractor.
    1. 1. Will the remodeler provide you with a written, DETAILED Scope of Work that clearly spells out what is and is NOT included?
    3. 2. Will the remodeler provide you with a written Fixed Price Contract and a Progress Payment Schedule based on completed milestones?
    5. 3. Will the remodeler provide you with a written Start and Completion date?
    7. 4. Does the remodeler carry Liability insurance?
    9. 5. Does the remodeler carry Worker’s Compensation Insurance?
    11. 6. Does the remodeler have a system for tracking Lien Releases and will they provide you with the same at the completion of the project?
    13. 7. Will the remodeler pull all the required permits?
    15. 8. Does the remodeler provide a written warranty and is it longer than 1 year?
    17. 9. Is the remodeler a member of a National Trade Organization and do they subscribe to their code of ethics?
    19. 10. Who will be in charge of day to day activities on my project and can I meet this person?
    21. 11. How will the remodeler contain dust on my project and how will daily clean-up be handled?
    23. 12. Will there be daily communication and in what form?Kitchen2FINAL
    25. 13. How many projects like yours has the remodeler completed in the last year?
    27. 14. Does the remodeler provide design services and will they show you 3-D realistic renderings to help you visualize the project?
    29. 15. Does the remodeler make you run all around town looking at different showrooms or do they have a Design Center where they pull together all the material samples for you to review?
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