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on August 08, 2018 Bathroom Remodel Design/Build Home Remodel renovations kitchen remodel

How to Remodel and Make a Small Kitchen Work for You

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Small Kitchen 1

Many people feel a small kitchen is restrictive, but with smart planning and design, a smaller kitchen can function efficiently while still looking beautiful. Here are some tips to help maximize small kitchen spaces.

The U-Shape:

If your home permits, then creating a u-shaped kitchen would allow for maximum countertop space and storage for your kitchen.  This kitchen layout gives you lots of work surface and contains your prep area.  It also allows everything to be within reach, making cooking as efficient as possible. 

Small Kitchen 2


Clever lighting solutions can make the space seem brighter and more inviting. Consider adding lighting underneath cabinets and some well positioned overhead lighting to create a bright and airy space.  You can’t fail with recessed lighting which can light any space efficiently and keep a low-profile ceiling in small kitchen spaces. 


Custom cabinets:

Clever storage is essential in a small kitchen, it’s important that you pick a cabinet solution that allows use of every inch of your space.  Custom corner cabinets help with eliminating the dead space that isn’t usable or reachable to the average homeowner.  By adding shelving units on tracks, the dead space becomes a storage area that is easily accessible.  Another way to create more storage is to focus on minimizing the space your spices take up.  By adding in custom storage for your spices, you can use the space you free or other kitchen items.

 Small Kitchen 3

Conceal appliances:

Small doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design or functionality of a kitchen.  You can still have those big kitchen appliances but build them into your design.  By disguising your large kitchen appliances you’ll have your space feeling less cluttered and looking high-end.

 Small Kitchen 4-1

Dining in:

A small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a dining space. There are options from creating custom fold out tables and chairs to adding a breakfast bar to one side of your kitchen counter to make the very most of a small space so it can meet all your needs.

Small kitchen spaces or awkward layouts don’t need to be a reason to prevent you from having the kitchen of your dreams.  There are plenty more space saving hacks to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams that is both beautiful and functional for your every day needs. 



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