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on November 03, 2015 Home Office

How to Put the “Home” in Home Office

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According to a study by Telework Research Network, the number of people working from home -- at least once a week -- will reach nearly 50,000,000 by 2018.

Artists, entrepreneurs, writers and employees of multi-national corporations all recognize the benefits of working from home: the flexibility, increased personal productivity, fiscal savings and freedom from the daily commute -- especially in Los Angeles.

Whether it is a spare room in the house or a detached space in the backyard, the home office is an extension of the home and should resemble nothing of the corporate cubicle motif that promotes a bland, utilitarian feeling.

home office

Below are a few things to consider when putting the “home” in your home office:


When you leave the corporate world behind, leave the furniture too. Bring in homey furniture pieces and steer clear from the industrial desks common in corporate office settings. Consider chairs, recliners and maybe even an ottoman. When you’re working all day, it is nice to have variety that promotes freedom of movement and thought.


With colors, there is a fine balance between being too busy and too calm. While anything too outrageous can be distracting, colors that are too soothing can make you less attentive and productive. Stick to neutral colors -- greens, whites, ivories, tans and grays -- as they invoke the right amount of relaxation in your home office.


The perfect home office is one where personal expression is encouraged. Feel free to use art, sculptures, curios or anything else that helps make it your home office a personal space that inspires you to work. If you are passionate about sailing, include some nautical tools. If you enjoy golf, be sure to have your own electronic putting green handy for those short breaks throughout the day.


For maximum comfort in your home office, consider the desk, chair, and placement and positioning of your computer. The key to an ergonomic desk is physical comfort -- the desk’s height, depth, storage, and free space should all fit your height and needs. A good, ergonomic office chair reduces the stress to your spine, neck and back that sitting all day creates. Ideal placement and positioning for your computer relieves tension in your shoulders, upper arms and forearms.

A home office should be your own personal bubble of productivity and inspiration. It should be a place where you know it is time to work and where you can’t wait to get started … regardless of how long the day may be!