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on July 10, 2017 bath Bathroom

How to Create a Classically Elegant and Well-Furnished Bath

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029-1.jpgThere’s something about a classically elegant, well-furnished bath that tugs on the heartstrings.

To create one, you’ll need to embrace your appreciation of antiques and artifacts by using some of your loveliest pieces, typically reserved for a formal, refined sitting room.

One caveat: You may want to use less valuable reproductions rather than authentic antiques. In a wet bathroom environment, stained or painted wood, upholstery, tapestries, and rugs could all eventually suffer water damage.

To create a classically elegant and well-furnished bathroom, here’s what you should consider:

Vanity Focal Point

Make the vanity a lovely focal point that suits fine, classic antiques or reproductions by giving it a beautiful finish and furniture details. Crown the vanity area with a formal mirror framed as if it were fine artwork.


Furnished Flair

An important component of creating a classically elegant bathroom is antique or reproduction furnishings. Of course no living room seating area comes together without a fabulous rug to ground the grouping.

You can borrow an antique carpet previously used in the dining room and place an antique wooden table over it. This will anchor the room and serve as a countertop for toiletries and other needs.

Finishing Touches

Infuse your bathroom with good general lighting that fits the new theme by trading the standard bathroom lighting fixture for a chandelier. A grand crystal and iron rendition hanging above a long console table offers more than enough formal living room flair.

Treat walls as you would a living room, finishing them with elegant coverings or a special faux paint treatment.

Also, be sure to accessorize with treasures you find in antique stores and at estate auctions.

Classic Cabinetry 

Choose cabinetry with furniturelike lines and details such as feet and reproduction hardware. Or retrofit an antique sideboard or dresser to hold a sink. A reproduction mahogany cabinet could pull off an antique look with the right sink and a couple of sconces. 

Petite Addition 

Tuck small, ornate tables or plant stands around the room to hold towels, toiletries, or a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers. If the room gets steamy, protect stained wood pieces with a polyurethane finish. 


Sink Style 

Accessorize beyond the standard bathroom fare, introducing specialty fixtures and fittings with finely crafted details. 

Art and Comfort 

This is your personal oasis, so bring in cushy upholstered chairs, ottomans, and stools to enhance the feel of a fine living room. In the same vein, hand framed prints and position good-looking racks, shelves, and small cabinets above toilets, between window, over doors, or on bare walls. Introduce unpredictable, refined accessories, such as a mirrored bamboo case on a cosmetics counter. 

The true beauty of a classically elegant bath is that it transcends dynamic design trends that come and go. It always works!