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on June 05, 2017 Kitchen Contemporary

How to ‘Class Up’ Your Kitchen with Cabinets

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437 Kansas-7-1.jpgSome homeowners place a premium on a cozy kitchen. Others want to make sure the kitchen is family-friendly.

Then there are those who desire the large and luxurious.

On top of design preferences, the style of the kitchen can be that of contemporary, traditional, country (farmhouse, and cottage) and modern, to name a few.

Regardless of style and design preferences, some homeowners demand that their kitchen has some class.

And the kitchen cabinets are a key ingredient for creating a classy kitchen.

If you’re looking for a classy kitchen, consider some of the ideas below:

Simplify With Bamboo. Eco-friendly bamboo cabinets can feature uncomplicated lines in a frameless construction with understated graining. Bamboo is usually stained natural, although it takes colored stain well and can even be ebonized. You’ll find slightly different grain patterns in different cabinets, but all are subtle and pretty. Best of all, the material is a grass, not actually a wood, so it grows fast and harvesting it is a sustainable practice. 


Emphasize Grain Patterns. Basic raised-panel cabinets like these can certainly be painted or stained very dark, but staining them light not only keeps a small kitchen light and feeling expansive, it also shows the wood grain at its best. 

Harmonize Built-ins With Cabinets. If you’re going to go with high-end cabinets, you can enhance the kitchen design even more with custom built-insfabricated to match. Many custom cabinet manufacturers provide fabrication services for other built-in elements -- something worth keeping in mind if you’re willing to consider the added expense of custom cabinets. 

Use Mid-Range Wood Tones to Moderate Darker Shades. A ‘not too light and not too dark’ approach is the best way to make sure things aren’t too visually heavy in the kitchen. Consider black kitchen counters and stove along with a mid-range cherry finish for the cabinets. Not too much of a contrast between the cabinets and the counters will result in a kitchen that won’t appear too closed in. 

2613 Walnut-04.jpg

Announce Traditional Style With Rich Finishes. A deep brown stain on cabinets, in tandem with traditional hardware, leaves no doubt as to the design theme -- it’s traditional! Marble counters and the unusual addition of an undercounter apron sink can dress up the room a bit, but the cabinets are the foundation of the design and of the style. If you’re looking to create a recognizable style in your kitchen, look first at the correct cabinet finish for the period or theme. 

1832 Bayview-08-1.jpg

Intermingle to Add Some Pop. It’s fine to mix things up every once in a while. Imagine swirling metal tiles and island insets, modern fixtures, and steel countertops. As eclectic as a kitchen like that would be, mixing dark and blonde cabinets just adds to the fun! 

Chung Kitchen 1.jpg

Say Modern With “Slab” Doors. Flat-front doors go high style when you create them from maple and finish them blonde. Wraparound twin island granite countertops and matching wall cabinets gives a modern space a very sleek aspect with wonderful light and a clean feel. 

500 Washington-14.jpg

Repeat Interesting Features for Max “Wow” Factor. A great way to reinforce the design theme and to decorate what can be fairly plain cabinets is by copying both the top and bottom units. Using scalloped bottom edges on good-looking cottage kitchen cabinets is a great example. The detail will add just enough flair in the curvy profile to spruce up the look without corrupting the design style. 

If you really want the “wow” factor, go all out with a more eclectic kitchen altogether.

6002 Bedford-09.jpg

Introduce Beadboard to Bring Country Home. Beadboards work great as a wall covering, and just as well as side and back cabinet panels. Cabinet sides and backs are often forgotten in the focus on cabinet door styles. It’s a shame because they can represent a valuable design opportunity. 

Emphasize Fine Points for Extra Flair. Finely detailed cabinets finished with thin darker lines draw the eye to the detail of cabinet doors. Footed columns at each end of the cabinet support the notion (or reality) that the cabinets are high-end. A marble countertop is the perfect luxury addition to a sophisticated style. 

Play with Molding for a One-Of-A-Kind Look. Intricate molding details, like beading along the lower lip of the crown molding topping traditional cabinets, can create a wholly unique look. It’s a small detail with big visual impact. Choose a profile that holds its own without showing up the lines and form of the cabinet themselves. 

The good news is if you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen or just update it a bit with one or two modest touches, you have a multitude of options.

Just remember to use your kitchens cabinets in a way that provides the touch of class you always wanted.