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on April 12, 2018 Design/Build Home Remodel

The Key Things Homeowners Look for in a Remodel

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Deciding to remodel your home is a big step. Likely it’s motivated by need. Whether you want to update tired fixtures or create more space for your family, here are the key things most people look for to help guide them in their choices.


Light: More eco-conscious homeowners are seeking ways to be more energy efficient and maximizing natural light has a big impact on this. It’s also appealing to health-conscious consumers who understand the benefits bringing natural light into the home.



De-Clutter: Marie Kondo (a Japanese lifestyle expert) has had a big impact on people’s mindsets.  She has identified that people want cleaner lines within the home and clever storage that lets them keep clutter out of sight and well organized.

Smaller spaces: The trend for huge homes has gone, people want smarter spaces that work for them and their family.

Open Plan Living: We’re seeing a shift towards creating an open flow in the home, especially amongst those who like to entertain.

 Key Things 2-1

Flexible Space: Often people seek to repurpose rooms. An old nursery becomes a working office or a den for the kids. This way people invigorate their homes and give them a fresh purpose.

Tailor Made: Ultimately people want a more personal space tailored to their custom needs.  Remodeling can help structure your home to better meet your needs.

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Technology: We’re entering the era of the smart home and this means consumers are looking for ways to integrate technology and make their home life easier. From USB chargers in rooms to intelligent lighting and heat systems, creating a home that responds to their personal needs is a priority for many.



Multi-purpose: In warmer regions like our South Bay, lots of entertaining takes place outside. This means consumers are looking for outdoor kitchens, grills, and seating areas that allow them to entertain all in one place.

Decoration: There’s more call for homes to stand out and reflect the owner’s personalities. Sometimes this is through details such a brass window frames or a bold painted door, but there are multiple ways to add some flavor to your home.

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