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on March 14, 2018 Design/Build Home Remodel

Home Remodeling - Find the Solution that's Right for You

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Remodeling to create your dream home is something many aspire to do, and doing so is often one of the biggest investments you will make as a homeowner both financially and emotionally. There are many decisions to be made along the way and lots of choices which can cause confusion and frustration during a remodel. Your first big choice will be how to move forward with a remodel.  With two common ways to approach a remodel, not including DIY, it can be confusing which approach is best for you so we've broken down the two most common options below.  


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Traditionally once you decide what you’d like to change in your home you would then source contractors to bid for the work. This model of design, bid, and build means you start by making decisions on design, materials, and construction teams in order to help create an accurate bid. There are seven key steps to this:

  • Find and hire an architect to draw up your initial plans.
  • Hire an interior designer to work with to select finishes and components for the interior.
  • Share these plans with contractors to get bids.
  • Review contractors estimates for cost and time to complete project based on your architect and designers plans.
  • Have the project re-designed to hopefully meet your budget range
  • Share the new plans once again with the contractors to revise their bids
  • Choose your contractor (usually based on price) and begin work.

It does allow a lot of freedom but there are some downsides too. It can mean you are making lots of decisions upfront and that cost may become more of a factor in your choices later down the line. It’s also vital to remember costs are estimates and extra time or materials can see costs rise substantially.


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The second model is to use a design and build firm. Think of this as a one stop shop or integrated solution for your design and building needs. It eliminates the need for unnecessary bidding but more importantly it also gives you a single point of contact and accountability.

The structure of this arrangement begins by matching you with a designer, they will take time to sit with you and understand your desires, getting to know your project and making suggestions for the best way to execute things. The approach is highly personalized and has three core steps:

  • Meet with designer and answer detailed questions about your project about how you plan to use your space, your desires for the project and then develop a realistic budget for that specific project.
  • Designer creates a buildable detailed project for you within your budget range based on their experience of executing similar projects to ensure accurate costs.
  • The remodeling work begins.

Throughout the process, your designer works with the team to bring your vision to life, because all conversations are integrated this can often cut the time needed to do a project by one third! Streamlining the decision making process and team has other benefits too. One of these is cost- it’s been said that typically projects run this way come in 18% under the cost of projects where each element is handled separately.

One factor which also needs to be discussed is peace of mind from a consumer point of view. Making big changes to your home can mean inconvenience and upheaval, working with a design and build firm also offers additional peace of mind for several reasons. One, the way we work ensures you will meet your full team and know exactly who will be working on your project and in your home. Two, we are always insured, giving you peace of mind that you and your home are protected. Three we don’t stop when the job ends, all work is guaranteed and we are available to answer any concerns you may have and ensure our work stands up.

In short the relationship with a design and build firm is about building a relationship to help bring your dreams to life in a cost effective and supportive way so you can enjoy the home you have always dreamed of.


Custom Design & Construction, founded in 1986, is a design-build company that specializes in high-end whole house remodels, home additions, kitchen, and bath remodels. With our headquarters in El Segundo, CA, we serve homeowners all over the South Bay area. We are an award-winning member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and have a 96% approval rating with GuildQuality

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