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on December 19, 2016 Interiors Whole House Lighting

Functional and Fabulous Closets for Everyone

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Whether large or small, closets are known for housing piles of clothing and random household items.

If you’ve found this to be true, but still have the desire to make your fabulous closet a reality, it’s time to start thinking about design in terms of organization.

That’s exactly what designers do. 

During the design phase, a professional will find out precisely what must be stored in the closet, measure the closet carefully, then sketch possible solutions to the client’s storage needs. 


This is important because, while certain principles of design remain the same, needs and preferences differ within the household. The storage needs of a male corporate executive are different than the needs of a three-year-old. 

Below are some tips and ideas to make your closet a fabulous one (regardless of who it’s for and where it is in the home): 

His Closet 

Some men want the closet to double as a dresser, so a design with many shelves to hold folded items makes sense. One side can have a hanging rod, to accommodate long items; the other side could be double-hung to hold shorter items. Shoes can be placed on shelves, which frees the floor space for temporary storage as needed, and for easy accessibility. 

Little-used and awkwardly shaped items can be stored on high top shelves. 

Installing hanging rods at different heights, where all kinds of shirts can be hung, can even eliminate the need for a dresser.


Her Closet

Having everything in plain view makes it easy to choose clothes each morning. You can combine hanging and folded storage for her closet as well. One side of the closet for long storage, such as dresses, and the other that holds two hanging rods, one above the other, for shorter items. 

Shoes can be kept on narrow show shelves, with a taller shelf above for handbags. 

Pullout shelves next to the shoes can hold folded items. A high shelf can be used to stock out-of-season items, and the floor space should be kept clear to hold a laundry bag and to serve as temporary storage, when needed. 


Child’s Closet

The top priorities in a child’s closet are safety and accessibility. Toys can be stored on low shelves, so the child will not be tempted to climb for something beyond reach. 

Hang everyday clothes at the child’s level to encourage her to dress herself and put her own clothes away. A laundry hamper can be kept on the closet floor, below a shelf. 

A great way to make sure a child’s closet doesn’t get outgrown is to install adjustable shelves. 

Family Room Closet

Most family rooms do double (or triple duty) and have to provide multi-purpose storage. To meet these needs, the closet can be divided into different size cubbies and shelves to accommodate various items. 

Store tall, bulky items in the larger open spaces, while other items i.e. media equipment, can be stored in made-to-fit cubbies. 

Each member can have his or her own pullout box for small personal items … so nobody feels left out! 

Linen Room Closet

Linen room closets typically need to hold a variety of linen and laundry accessories, including things like bulky blankets and pillows. 

This issue can be solved by grouping the items by category and storing each type of item on separate shelves, to keep them all accessible. 

Seasonal items, such as blankets, can be kept on the highest, least accessible shelves. Every inch of space should be used in the closet. For instance, cleaning supplies kept on the floor below the bottom shelf, and a fold-down ironing board attached to the inside of the door. 

Before a closet can be designed, built, or rebuilt, its problems and the needs of those who will be using it need to be taken into consideration, but every fabulous closet starts with organization. 

After all, if it doesn't function in a way that makes your life easier and more enjoyable, it isn’t that fabulous!