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on December 14, 2015 Media Room

From Flat Screen TV to Full-fledged Media Room

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It is no secret that moviegoing has been one of America’s greatest pastimes over the years. Enjoying a nice night out with friends and family, sitting back with some popcorn and soft drinks - that never gets old.

Some movie theaters even cater to avid moviegoers by offering an upscale viewing experience with plush recliners and push-button service.

(Those in the South Bay area don’t have to venture very far for this type of entertainment. CBS-Los Angeles ranked the AMC Marina 6 Dine In, in Marina Del Rey, one of the Best Luxury Cinemas in Los Angeles!)

Even still, some of us are just fine sitting in the comfort of our own recliners at home, watching a Netflix Original Series on a stand-alone flat screen TV.

For those film buffs wanting to bring a piece of luxury viewing experience into their home, the home theatre is where it all starts.

But there is another option: the media room.


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There is a distinction.

Home theatres are all about the movie experience. Media rooms are all about the social experience.

Homeowners who want to transform their flat screen TV into a full-fledge media room, where friends and family can do more than just watch movies, should consider the tips below:

Make sure the seating is flexible.

Trade in the rows of face-forward seating for comfortable sofas, room recliners, and welcoming loveseats. Unlike the home theatre, where the television is the center of the focus and the seating is permanently set, chairs should be positioned in a way that promotes conversation, but also makes it easy to face the screen at a moments notice. Moveable chairs are flexible and can serve this purpose well.

Get the sound right.

There is no need to become a sound engineer to get the sound in the media room right. By using a couple of sound-absorbent aesthetics - sofas, drapery and carpeting - reflections from the sound system can be tempered.

Size matters when it comes to the screen.

Everyone in the room should be able to back up and view the screen from a decent angle. When considering which screen size to purchase, know that the sweet spot is when you can sit back from the television at a distance of two to three times the diagonal of the screen and with “wow factor” that excites you.

Content is King. 

Netflix, Hulu, Crackel, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Prime and the list goes on … It is a Brave New World for media rooms, as technological advances have changed the way they are set up. Streaming movies, music and other forms of content from the Internet has made the content itself more accessible, but also a bit more complex. Keeping the media room stocked with cutting-edge content is king.

If you want a space designed specifically for watching movies on a large flat-screen television, where friends congregate to watch the ball game and where families watch a movie together, a theatre is what is needed.

On the other hand, a media room is about more than just sitting still in a dark room watching movies. It is a practical option that provides more of a social experience for its inhabitants.