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on June 06, 2016 Kitchen bath Transitional Additions Contemporary Home Office Garage Media Room Bathroom

Floating Cabinets: A Strong Case for Los Angeles Homeowners

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In Los Angeles, having more space -- or at least creating the illusion of more space -- is always appreciated.  

Modern_18.jpgWhether it is raw land, a parking spot at the grocery store, or more legroom in the bathroom, extra space is an added luxury -- especially when it comes to the home. 

It doesn’t get any easier to "make some room" when floating cabinets are a key design feature in the house. 

Modern_60.jpgStarting out as an ultra-contemporary design statement, mainly in the bathroom, floating cabinets have evolved into a movement with enviable advantages in virtually any area of the home where cabinetry is used. 

This style of cabinet simultaneously frees up space and creates the illusion of more space. Its look has extended from the bathroom into the kitchen, media room bedroom, bar, family room, and even the fireplace. 

Floating cabinets are not just reserved for homeowners who prefer the modern design esthetic either. With a colorful finish featuring framed cabinets, as opposed to frameless cabinets, the traditional esthetic can easily be brought into the room as part of a vintage bathroom design -- providing a means by which homeowners can embrace modern minimalism while staying true to their design tastes. 

Wall-mounted cabinetry also creates the illusion that it is floating above the floor, adding a sense of authenticity to the space, regardless of the prevailing decor theme. 

A striking focal point made of floating cabinets has a tendency to catch houseguests off guard. It makes a statement in an innovative way that defines the character of the room. 

Modern_20.jpgWhile the benefits of floating cabinets are clear, there are those who still shy away from them, primarily for these two reasons: they believe that their storage space will be limited and they expect that this fresh desire for wall-mounted cabinets is a design fad that will soon become outdated. 

Homeowners may be surprised to learn how much storage can be incorporated into a wall-mounted cabinet. Floating cabinet manufacturers have learned how to get clever with your storage.

For instance, cabinets designed specifically for wall mounting may include a series of shallow drawers ideal for organizing all of the petite-sized items that are usually kept in the bathroom vanity.

As for the other chief concern on whether floating cabinets will soon become outdated in the foreseeable future: they have been popular for seven years strong and showing little signs of slowing down any time soon.

While, as mentioned above, the trend started with ultra-contemporary designs, it has now become a popular option from modern to more transitional, yet offering practical benefits.

Another strong metric in favor of the continued movement is that builders and designers are branching out, offering different designs and styles. They would not bother if they had little confidence in the future of this cabinet style.

If not for the simple reason that space -- especially in Los Angeles -- comes at a premium, the case for floating cabinets is a strong one.