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on December 05, 2016 Open Floor Plan Kitchen Transitional Contemporary

Eclectic Kitchens: An Aesthetic Manifesto for Living

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7546_136.jpgSome kitchens defy current tastes and derive their uniquely individual style from a variety of different elements and a diverse range of themes and sources. 

While these unique spaces may not be everyone’s taste, you have to admire the boldness and collated nature of the eclectic kitchen.

If you have an appreciation for all things beautiful, an eclectic kitchen may be the style choice for you. 


Mixing and matching is the mantra in eclectic kitchens, with style elements coming from different periods and places. 

The key to pulling a collection of attractive yet unrelated pieces together is to find or create some commonality in each element. 

For instance, an eclectic kitchen can achieve this commonality by way of a relaxed attitude, where cabinets and fixtures feature a smooth, contemporary, and unpretentious facade. Accessories and storage baskets could have a vintage European feel, yet their laid-back, easy appearance makes them look right at home. 


This is a perfect touch for Southern Californians!

Surfaces can connect to nature and include maple cabinets, soapstone perimeter counters, travertine floors, and a rain-forest marble top center island with a raised walnut cutting board. 

Options are only limited by the imagination.

To ensure your eclectic kitchen looks pulled together, be sure to: 

  1. Make a color connection. Define the color scheme and create a visual tie between countertops, cabinets and walls. You can create additional color connections through the use of color-matched knobs, table linens, rugs, upholstery, and pottery. 
  1. Choose formal or casual pieces. The kitchen can have a straightforward, comfortable look including flat-front cabinet doors and unpretentious storage baskets. If you prefer a more formal attitude, choose items with more intricate details, such as raised-panel cabinet doors and hand carved corbels. 

This kitchen style can be designed (or evolve) organically around collections of objects or artworks i.e. art, antiques, crafts. Others can be inspired by a strong graphic feeling for design. 

What makes eclectic kitchens so interesting is how they remain functional working spaces while embodying an aesthetic manifesto for living. 


You might even consider it an ever-changing space where you try out new ideas.


Either way, you need the courage of your convictions and a strongly ingrained sense of personal style to think outside the usual box to create a truly eclectic kitchen.