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Have you heard the term Design-Build remodeling? If not, prepare to learn how your home remodeling dreams can be achieved with the best quality and easiest process possible. If you have ever attempted a remodel you know that every step requires finding a different expert (many who don’t work great together). Rather than hiring individual contractors or consultants, Design-Build companies offer the benefit of working with ONE dedicated team of professionals for your project. Here are 7 benefits to working with a Design-Build remodeling company.

  1. 1. Convenience: 
    When using a Design-Build company, you have everyone you need for a remodeling project under one contract. Rather than hiring out multiple trades, you hire one company that employs everyone from the design team all the way to the construction and clean-up crews. This means you have one point of contact for everyone involved and you don’t have to waste time interviewing and hiring separate companies or people to get the job done.   
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  1. 2. Price: With a Design-Build company, you sign a fixed-price contract meaning no surprises down the road. When hiring out the job piece by piece, there are expenses that tend to pop up during design and construction. With a Design-Build company, you go into your project knowing the exact amount you will spend to get your project completed.
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  3. 3. Accountability: When you have multiple trades or contractors that work for themselves, it’s harder to get them aligned and in communication with each other, making you the middle man in charge of relaying information and making sure everything is getting done correctly, in sequence and in a timely manner. With Design-Build, communication is streamlined and employees work together to make sure timelines and expectations are met, making every step of the remodel much smoother than hiring multiple companies or subcontractors..

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  1. 4. Connections: Design-Build companies are well known within the industry and have many connections to tap into. Many Design-Build companies have partnerships with major vendors allowing for better rates and making access to supplies and materials easier. Design-Build companies also have closer connections to permitting offices. Because of these connections, permits can sometimes be processed faster and revisions aren’t as extreme as individual submissions
  3. 5. Experts: Design-Build companies are sought after employers for top talent in the remodeling world. With the set up being consistent and not free-lance like work, experts in their fields gravitate toward these companies making Design-Build teams a group of the best talent for a remodeling project.
  5. 6. Safety: When using a Design-Build company, you won’t need to look up and cross check multiple licenses or insurance. Everyone employed by the Design-Build company is covered by the company’s insurance and there is only one license you have to look up when deciding who to hire for your project. 
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  1. 7. Financing: Many Design-Build companies offer an in-home finance solution, truly making it a one stop shop for you entire remodeling project. Generally, rates are comparable to national rates and we remove the broker/banks to make it an easy financing process.

The benefits of working with a Design-Build tend to outweigh the hassle and stress of taking a project on all by yourself. You will save time, money, and lots of headaches by choosing a Design-Build company like Custom Design and Construction to bring your dream project to life. To see if a Design-Build company is a right fit for your project, fill out the form below.  


Custom Design & Construction, founded in 1986, is a design-build company that specializes in high-end whole house remodels, home additions, kitchen, and bath remodels. With our headquarters in El Segundo, CA, we serve homeowners all over the South Bay area. We are an award-winning member of the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and have a 96% approval rating with GuildQuality

"A good design, well executed is a joy for a very, very long time and that's what I got with Custom Design & Construction"