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Open Floor Plan Kitchen Transitional Additions Contemporary Interiors Whole House

First Step to Design Flow Starts Here

Whether you are in the planning phase of a complete remodel or simply designing a room, it is critical to consider design flow. 

Exterior Whole House Energy Efficiency Lighting

Take Refuge In A Southern California Beach Bungalow

There is no doubt what the most popular housing type in America was in the first part of the twentieth century. While traditional house types such as ...


The Laundry and Mudroom: Designed to Handle Lifestyle Chaos

If we had to pick two rooms in a home that were specifically designed to handle the chaos of any lifestyle, we have our picks: the laundry room and th...


The Truth About Jack and Jill Baths

Jack and Jill were inseparable siblings, so it’s no wonder the Jack and Jill bath is named after them. But in real life, if Jack and Jill were forced ...


What You Should Expect from Your Task Lights

Before the advent of electricity - hence, overhead fixtures - task lighting existed in the form of the basic candle, or the oil or kerosene lamp. Inde...

Energy Efficiency

9 Key Features Found In Most Energy Efficient Homes

Energy efficient homes, or “going green” has been a fast growing trend in Los Angeles. Whether you are selling a home or a just looking to update your...


Tuscan Style Home Designs In the South Bay

Some say the South Bay is LA’s best-kept secret. Between the fresh air, active lifestyle, restaurants and bars it, and the laid back vibe that South B...

Man Cave

The Man Cave: “Imagine the luxury of it."

“It is the loveliest study you ever saw…octagonal with a peaked roof, each face filled with a spacious window…perched in complete isolation on the top...


Does Your Powder Room Have Enough Pizazz?

Does your powder room have enough pizazz? As small as they typically are, powder rooms provide the perfect opportunity to show off your sense of style...

Smart Homes

4 Sophisticated Appliances that Tackle Tasks With 'Done-for-you' Style

There is no question that we live in a service-based society where we will gladly pay a premium for convenience. Speed and efficiency are rewarded all...