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on September 19, 2016 Open Floor Plan Kitchen Transitional Contemporary Interiors Whole House Tuscan

9 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Options to Consider

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The kitchen backsplash -- the wall area between countertop and wall cabinets -- is typically about 18 inches tall and set about the 36 to 54 inches off the floor. There are a variety of ways to incorporate the backsplash into your Southern California kitchen, with a sense of style and practical considerations.

You can match countertop tile, contrast it, echo the countertop’s trim, or flaunt another look entirely.

Most importantly, the backsplash should be beautiful, symmetrical, and pull the entire room together. 


Below are a few material tile options to consider for your kitchen backsplash: 


Available in a huge variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and textures perfect for the backsplash. Numerous matching trims and borders available for a professional-looking job. Ceramic tile is extremely durable, easy to install and maintain, and affordable. 


Endless options in size, color, shape, texture, and pattern. Ideal for kitchen backsplashes. Manufactured in large formats with rectified edges that allow tile to be set tightly like natural stone. Styles available closely resemble stone, wood, metal, tear-cotta, and numerous materials. High-fired for extreme durability. Easy to care for. 


Limestone, in its harder, denser varieties -- which resembles granite in durability -- makes for a viable backsplash option. It’s easy to care for and becomes more attractive with use over the years.


Offers classic, elegant beauty. Over time an attractive soft matte patina will emerge if marble is left to age naturally. Marble also makes a great design statement. (Although not the easiest to clean and maintain). 


Travertine is appropriate for countertops as well as backsplashes. They have attractive, durable, and elegant options available for homeowners. It can be ordered factory filled for a smooth or even surface. Becomes more attractive over the years with use. Reasonable in cost. 


Ideal for countertops in the kitchen and backsplash. Resists scratching, scorching, and etching from any acids. 


As a countertop or backsplash material, slate does not react with acidic substances, and it resists staining. It is used as a flooring material for the abuse it is known to take, and its inherent color variations camouflage dirt. One of the most affordable natural stones. 


Extremely durable and will withstand significant abuse. Easy to install and care for. 


Available in a wide range of color tones, sizes, and shapes. Ages wonderfully. Some types are very cost friendly. 

The kitchen backsplash is a premier destination for decorative tile, be it a few colorful art tiles in a quiet field, a classical floral mural, or a jazzier art mosaic. It is quite literally one of the first things you notice when you enter a kitchen. 


Make it count!