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on October 10, 2016 Interiors Lighting

8 Guest Room Guidelines for Peak Comfort

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8160_Manitoba-11.jpgWhen living in the South Bay area, out-of-town friends and family can’t wait to experience SoCal living at its finest.

When your guests plan their trip to come stay with you, your first thought might be to make their experience unforgettable – starting with a spectacular guest room.

The guest room is undeniably a room that not every home offers, but if your home does, there are some ideas that need to be utilized in preparation for important guests.


Have you ever walked into a guest room and feel as if you could wipe your finger across the duvet and feel a layer of dust? It might make you feel like an afterthought and as if your arrival wasn’t really important to the friend you were staying with. Your guest shouldn’t have to question your preparations, so making sure that everything in the room is fresh is essential. For example, this includes putting the sheets and towels through the laundry, wiping off the surfaces and curtains, emptying the trash can if it has anything in it and maybe adding a nice touch of a freshly-cut flower to the nightstand.

In order to make preparations easier for unexpected guests, finding fabrics for the curtains and spreads that will not “wilt” is a great tip that is sometimes overlooked in the designing process. 

For more helpful tips, here’s a checklist to use as a reference when preparing your guestroom for future visitors:

  1. Beds: Should be as comfortable as your own. Pretty linens. Ideal pillows and blankets. Make this a bed that you would (almost) prefer to sleep in over your own at times.
  1. Additional furnishings: Full-length mirror. Luggage stands. Bedside tables big enough for guests’ personal items. A place to write notes (including paper and pen). One or two soft chairs. Sizable wastebasket. 
  1. Floor covering: With wood floors, use of scatter rugs right beside the beds. Bath rug(s).
  1. Windows: Operable for guests who are fresh-air lovers. Blackout shades or curtains. 
  1. Heating: Units that work well, but quietly. 
  1. Lighting: Gentle, general illumination, plus task lighting
  1. Storage: Adequate, sweet-smelling closet and drawer space. Hangers (not wire) for skirts, women’s clothes, men’s suits. Efficient lint roller. 
  1. Bathroom amenities: In a shared bathroom, a cleared shelf for toiletries and a rod for towels. In any bathroom guests use: new toothbrushes, toothpaste, shower cap, razor blades, shaving cream, detergent for hand washables, toilet soap, bath powder. Extra toilet and facial tissue (not hidden away). Aspirin. Sun screen. 

A couple of tips: Insist that the children be quiet in the morning until guests are up and about. Also, rule that the guest room is off premises for children unless they are asked to enter.

In addition to these guidelines for freshness and comfort, your personality is the essential factor. This is your room in your house for your relatives and friends, and there is no better compliment than to make this room reflect your personality.


Of course, feel free to be creative with how you design the room each time a guest comes for a visit. Guest rooms are intended for short stays; don’t be afraid to express seasonal items.

People will enjoy leaving their bedrooms to come stay with you for a holiday in a welcoming and brightly bedecked haven.