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on January 11, 2016 Smart Homes

6 Smart Tools for Your Smart Home

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You exit the front door for work with a cup of coffee in hand, get in your car and venture into the chaos of Los Angeles traffic.

Midway to your office, you begin to question whether or not you shut the coffee maker off? You are pretty sure you did, but not 100% sure. 

While you are at it, you also start to question whether or not you set the security alarm. The worry and anxiety begin to set in. 

What if you didn’t? How can you be absolutely sure?

With a quick glance at your smartphone or tablet, you can squash these types of nagging concerns.

You can thank technological advances and the stratospheric success of smartphones and tablets, for the ability to completely integrate and automate smart processes in your home -- activating alarms, programming security systems, adjusting thermostats, controlling home appliances, locking and unlocking doors and even turning on and off lights in the home. 


Photo credit: producthealth.com

If you are thinking of adding smart technology to your home, here are a couple of smart tools to consider:  

Smart Lighting

One of the greatest benefits of timed lighting is the appearance of home occupation while you are away. For those who travel often, this smart home feature is indispensable. You are less of a target for a home burglary. 

Smart Sensors

Do you want to see what’s going on at your front door step -- or maybe your garage door, or a living room bay window? You can set up real-time surveillance of certain access points to your home with your mobile phone -- whether you are home or away. 

Smart Locks 

Smart locks allow you to gain quick and easy access to the home, using smartphones, Bluetooth key fobs, or an actual key. Guests can even access the home using electronic keys pre-scheduled to work on specific days and times. Some can even be connected to a smart thermostat, camera or intercom. 

Smart Thermostats

Because they can be pre-programmed and (or) remotely controlled, smart thermostats can reduce energy bills. Some are so smart, they can determine which temperatures are ideal based on the past, and then program those temperatures accordingly, for future use.

Smart Smoke Detectors

Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide can all be detected with smart smoke detectors. That information is instantly sent to your smartphone while you are away. 

Smart Water and Flood Sensors

Like other smart home tools, any time a sensor is tripped due to leaks -- around dishwashers, washing machines, or under sinks -- you instantly be notified through email or text. 

Beyond the ability to monitor your home in real time, you can also set almost any device -- and appliance -- in your home to communicate with each other so that your smart home and you are always on the same page.