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on March 28, 2016 Kitchen

6 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Give homeowners a handful of clever kitchen storage ideas, and they will forever be grateful. It is a principle that hold true because one thing that many homeowners share in common, regardless of where the live, is how difficult it is to keep the kitchen organized. 

The kitchen is a melting pot for seemingly ‘bottomless’ accessories, food cans, boxes, bags and items you would typically find in a Williams & Sonoma catalog. With all of those parts in one dedicated space, you can quickly find yourself in quite the organizational conundrum. 


Unless of course, you decide to integrate a couple of these clever kitchen storage ideas into your kitchen:  

Custom Pantry. We all dream of a perfectly organized walk-in pantry. They are capable of holding everything needed all in one place. It is also very easy to keep an inventory on which items you need to stock up on and which items that are in ample supply. 

Pullout Trash Can. There is nothing more of an eye sore to houseguests than an exposed trash can. A pullout trash can is simple in its functionality -- it is there when you need it and it is gone when you don’t -- and it hides unattractive bins and frees up floor space. 

Appliance Garage. Coffee makers, mixers, toasters -- all beloved appliances, but on top of everything else on your counter, they take up a lot of physical and visual space. Conceal appliances while keeping them accessible with an appliance garage. 

Rolling Cart. The rolling cart does double duty, acting as a small island or rolling bar that provides both storage solutions and added counter space. 

Utensil Drawer. A clever utensil built-in will effortlessly board the serveware and silverware. 

Corner Pullout Drawers. Corner pullout drawers that run diagonally into the corner, making them deeper than most, will give you that extra storage boost. It is a smart solution for irksome corners. 

If you are in the planning phase of a kitchen remodel or just looking to step up your kitchen’s organizational potential, any of these clever kitchen storage ideas will help make your life in the kitchen a bit easier.