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on August 26, 2015 foyer

5 Inspiring Tips to a Fabulous Foyer

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If there is any one space in a home that provides a glimpse of the tastes, passions and personality of a homeowner, it is the foyer.

As varied as homeowners’ personal preferences can be, so too are the foyers that express those personal preferences. Some ooze with opulent staircases and crystal chandeliers, while others are designed to appreciate the functional demands of a happy, healthy, active lifestyle.

One foyer may have the “wow factor” that forever captivates and awes houseguests with its grand statement, while another will naturally, almost unassumingly, flow with the rest of the home.

Crafting a foyer with the style and decor to suit specific personalities and expressions is subjective, but regardless, the end result should provide comfort.

Every homeowner wishes (for themselves and their houseguests) to be comfortable -- not only as a first impression, but as a lasting one. The entrance hall sets the tone from the very beginning of the experience; if the front door is like a first glance at a person, the foyer is like a first conversation.


Here are five foyer tips for some fresh inspiration:

1. Let nature be your guide.

For example, one might consider wallpaper styled with leaf and flower prints, along with a collection of botanical paintings or even a simple side table topped by a vase of flowers.

2. Do more with less.

In some cases less is certainly more. By simply keeping the foyer clean and clear, while allowing the home’s natural charm to carry the heavy lifting, a meaningful “welcome” sentiment is conveyed, but with less effort.

Hint: Relying on a feature like wood and ceramic hues work well in this quasi-minimalist approach.

3. Location-themes can be fun.

While decorating an entire home in one central them can kill the home’s style, focusing on a single space can be the perfect homage to your locale.

4. Warm colors beget warm foyers.

As the ambassador to the house, the foyer should be cloaked in warm colors. For instance, painting the walls in an earth tone and lighting the room a little more using a half wall paneling design will ad warmth in the hall.

Hint: High windows, a large chandelier and some nice carpets will make the foyer even more welcoming.

5. Getting in the comfort zone.

A foyer should be both a temperate and an inviting place. This can be achieved by installing radiant floor heating to find the ideal comfort zone. It is easy to install under many types of flooring, eco-friendly and has distinct advantages over central heat. This feature can also be pre-programed to heat up and cool down according to the time of day.

Whatever the inspiration may be for a foyer, regardless of the stylistic preferences – from the modernist, to the traditionalist, or even the more artistic homeowner – any of the five foyer tips above should provide a source of fresh inspiration.

While most households will probably not entertain guests in the foyer and neither will family evenings be spent there, it is the place where a guest gets in touch for the first time with the atmosphere in a house and homeowners aptly remind themselves that “this is my home.”