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on January 19, 2016 Smart Homes

4 Sophisticated Appliances that Tackle Tasks With 'Done-for-you' Style

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There is no question that we live in a service-based society where we will gladly pay a premium for convenience.

Speed and efficiency are rewarded all in the same. If a product or service makes our lives easier, hassle-free, saves us time and even money, then we are all in.

This extends to the home - particularly now that technology has provided homeowners with sophisticated appliances that can increase productivity and save on the amount of time spent on household chores and various functions.

Technology has given us the ability to ask our appliances to help out around the house.

They actually do things for you - with limited or zero hands on involvement - so you can focus on more important aspects of your life.

You can now delegate the vacuuming - or mopping - of your home to a robot that cleans while you are enjoying some quality family time.

You can even “hire” your fridge to monitor its contents and tell you exactly when food is set to expire.

These sophisticated appliances are not your ordinary durable goods purchases - they have become service providers.

Let’s take a closer look at some of tasks that these sophisticated appliances can tackle with a done-for-you style:

A fridge that takes inventory of your food and updates your grocery list.

Almost every household wastes food, which costs money. In fact, more than 20 pounds of food per person, per month is wasted simply because tracking what is in the fridge is no easy task. There are smart refrigerators on the market that will keep an inventory of the food items in your refrigerator, and when an item is either used or expired, it will automatically add it to your grocery list by using an app.

A dishwasher that lets you control it remotely and gives you updates on cycle progress.

Preparing - and enjoying - a nice family meal can be rewarding. The same cannot be said for cleaning the dishes afterwards. A sophisticated dishwasher can do things like track how much energy is being used and let you know when a part is in need of servicing or repair, saving you money in the long run. It will even tell you how much water, detergent and salt is needed for the amount of dishes in the machine. Not to mention you can control it remotely when you are away from home, as it gives you updates on a cycle’s progress.

A robot that will clean your floors and carpets.

One of the current market leaders that make your life easier when it comes to cleaning your floors is iRobot. They have products that work on any hard surface -tiles, linoleum, and wood - and can even clean around odd shaped objects like toilets and kitchen appliances. Due to their 9-centimeter height - you don’t need to move much, if any furniture while they work - and all you need to do is fill up the tank and let the robot go. There are models out there that clean carpets as well.


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A dryer that will help keep your clothes wrinkle-free.

Tumble dryers are great, but one of the biggest complaints amongst homeowners is that the clothes get badly wrinkled if they are not immediately removed from the dryer. Life is busy. We aren’t always on stand by, sitting next to our dryers. Imagine being able to ask you dryer a favor, “Hey listen, I’m not going to be able to make it home within the hour and I don’t want my clothes to sit and get wrinkled once the dry cycle is over - could you do me a favor and just spin the clothes until I get home?” and the dryer says “No problem. Done.” With remote access from your smartphone and a respective app, that's exactly what a sophisticated dryer can do for you.

We have all watched the Jetsons and we have all thought at one time or another, “How cool would it be to have our own housecleaning robot at our beck and call?” 

Well as you can see, we aren’t that far off.

These sophisticated appliances listed above certainly aren’t the only types available, but they are guaranteed to make your home life much easier and more enjoyable.