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on April 24, 2017 Garage

12 Tips and Ideas for a Non-Boring Garage

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1832 Bayview-19-1.jpgWe all know that the garage’s main function is to provide a safe and secure place for our vehicles.

It’s certainly functional, but it isn’t much fun.

That’s why we use the garage as flex space for other activities.

It can be a place to host birthday parties, or it can double as an overflow for holiday bashes, or maybe its most fulfilling use is as the hobby room.

If you plan on making your garage do double duty, file these ideas away. You may not need them right away, but some day they may come in handy.

Fitness center 

Workout equipment can be bulky and consume a room in the house. Put the treadmill or stationary bicycle in your newly remodeled and organized garage. Do you get too warm working out? Open the garage door for that fresh, South Bay breeze.

There’s no real concern over freezing temperatures in the winter so setting up a home gym in the garage is perfect for Southern California residents. 


Wall-mounted television

Exercising can be boring. A wall-mounted television might add some entertainment to make the time fly by as you exercise. 

How about that nagging home improvement project you need to get done? With a TV in the garage, you can work and watch the Big Game. 

Installing a wall-mounted swivel at a good vantage point for television viewing in the garage is easy and cost-effective. 

Message center 

Between cells phones, email, and social media, using the garage as a message center might sound behind the times. But there’s nothing wrong with being a little Old School in our communications, is there? 

Install a dry board or chalkboard strategically on the garage wall. When family members drive into the garage, they can see important messages. The message center is great for kids’ artwork, for making a rough sketch of a home improvement project, making a list of needed supplies, brainstorming ideas, etc. 

Ceiling fan

If you enjoy being in the garage during the summer but can’t bring yourself to install air conditioning (or don’t see the need because you live so close to the coast), a ceiling fan can be a good alternative to beat the heat. Most fans move the air enough to keep the temperature comfortable.

Track lighting

Good lighting is critical for a multipurpose garage. It can be achieved by installing track lighting to replace the bare light bulb on a ceramic base. A three-light track can make a huge difference and they don’t cost much. 

Retractable extension cord

Messing around with extension cords is bothersome. That’s why the retractable extension cord is appealing. Once the job is done, simply retract the cord into the housing unit. Most retractable cord products have lengths up to 30’. Determine the midway point in the garage where the extension will reach, and have it installed on the closest wall. 

Patching floor expansion joints

If you’re considering coating or covering the garage floor, you'll want the expansion joints filled for a smooth finish throughout the garage. Typical concrete patch material will do. 

By smoothing the entire floor, it is quick and easy to clean. 

Wireless sound system 

Wireless technology makes installing a sound system in the garage a simple job. Experiment with positioning the speakers for the best sound quality. If you own a wireless system for the home, add more speakers for the garage and fill the garage with tunes. 

Stackable pet food storage

Pet stores and discount stores carry pet food storage containers that are stackable. Using an efficient wall organizing system, you can stack storage containers on shelves or baskets and get pet food off the floor. If you have an open bag of pet food, it provides an open invitation for rodents and insects to go for the food. 

It’s a great start to a pet-friendly home.

Display your art! 

It’s likely you have some framed artwork stored in a closet or in a corner in the basement. Revisit that art, and hang some of it in the garage. Just because you’re in the garage doesn’t mean it has to feel like it! 

Enclose the stairway

In homes that have an open stairway from the garage leading into the house, dirt and debris collect under the stairs where it’s tough to clean. Enclose the stairs and forget about sweeping there again. 

Batteries and light bulbs

Batteries and light bulbs tend to be scattered in various locations throughout the house. When it’s time to replace one of those items, locating the correct size or type sometimes can be elusive. Keep those items together in one location in a convenient spot in the garage. 

Whatever you use your garage for (beyond parking your cars), grab a handful of these useful tips as you begin to reorganize (or completely remodel) your garage. 

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