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on March 06, 2017 Exterior

10 Space Savers for Smaller Scenic Decks

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418 Ave E-10-2.jpgSo you’ve decided that you want to add a nice scenic deck to your South Bay home. 

A deck can boost the resale value of your home, provide a nice little getaway from the bustle of work life, allow for entertaining houseguests, or offer an ideal play space for children. 

And while having ample space for your deck makes things easier, homeowners aren’t always that fortunate. 

If your proposed deck seems as though it will look cramped in your small yard, don’t dismay. 

The key to small-space design is simplicity. 

Take a peek at these 10 space-saving tips that will make your scenic deck seem larger and more comfortable:

  1. Create the appearance of one large area from two smaller spaces. If, for example, the lawn borders your deck, let the deck spill out onto the open space and it will seem larger.
  1. Have garden beds dug on one or more sides of a detached deck so it doesn’t seem to float like an island in the lawn.
  1. Draw attention to the deck, not the property line. Instead of letting the lawn end undramatically at the property line, sculpt the perimeter of the lawn with planting beds. That will turn attention inward where you want it -- on the deck. 
  1. Use plants with interesting textures to focus attention on the surrounding landscape rather than on the limit of your property line. 
  1. Concentrate color in a patch instead of scattering flowers throughout the landscape. Groups of flowers create more impact than scattered blooms. If you use color in more than one location, repeat two or three colors to tie the areas together. 
  1. Whenever possible, borrow neighboring views from the outdoor space. For example, if you’re lucky enough to live next to an attractive pond or rolling lawn, leave that view open to make the most of what the surrounding scenery has to offer. 
  1. Instead of walling off the deck entirely, place screening strategically to enhance privacy and block only those sights that are distracting. 
  1. Put up wind chimes or install a fountain. Their soothing sounds will subdue noises that remind you how close you are to neighbors or the street. 
  1. Install built-in seating -- it takes up less space than freestanding furniture. The same goes for round tables -- they’ll leave you more room than rectangular ones. 
  1. Keep decking patterns scaled to the size of your deck. A lot of small patterns and contrasting textures will leave you feeling dizzy and hemmed in. Besides, they’re expensive. 

Small lots can meet a variety of outdoor needs, whether it’s a side-yard deck that makes good use of limited space by providing a play area and container-gardening opportunities, or a small deck with outdoor curtains that help define the space, but still leave relaxing views of the outdoors. 

Just remember, the key to a smaller, but no less comfortable scenic deck, is simplicity. 

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